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Please use your institution email address if you would like your PI sheet to feature your institution's logo instead of the VESPR road sign in the top left of your PI sheets and debriefs.

This website stores your name, email address and institution. This information will only be used for the site's primary functions and will not be shared or used as a mailing list. No participant data is stored apart from variables generated by the site (such as participant id and assigned group) and completion status (finished, lapsed or withdrawn). No IP addresses are stored.

Standard features are available to all registered users. To unlock advanced features such as counterbalancing and resetting participant numbers for one year, please send £10 to Wakefield Morys-Carter.

For more information, please visit this discussion thread. or these slides.

Reference (APA 7th): Morys-Carter, W.L. (2022, April 4). VESPR study portal. VESPR.