Participant IDs for Pavlovia

This webpage assigns consecutive participant numbers to experiments on Pavlovia.

Usage: If your experiment URL is then use

Inputs id, group, session and researcher are optional but can be used to transfer a non-consecutive participant id and a variable that could be used as a password to access the experiment (to ensure that the participant information sheet has been viewed).

If you get a file not found error, it may be because your experiment isn't in the html folder. In that case add a / to the end of your experiment name.

In order to pilot your experiment you will need to click on the Pilot button in Pavlovia to obtain current values for __pilotToken and __oauthToken. Add them to the end of your link (ensuring that they start with & instead of ?), for example

If you send a value for participant but not session then session will be set with a consecutive value instead.

In PsychoPy you can use the participant number to assign participants equally to multiple conditions by using:
condition = int(expInfo['participant'])%x where x is the number of conditions. This will assign values 0 to x-1.

For advanced features such as hosting PI and debrief information and compensating for participants who fail to complete please try the VESPR Study Portal.

Reference (APA 7th): Morys-Carter, W.L. (2021, April 26). Participant IDs for Pavlovia. VESPR.

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