BPS Poster Students

BPS Poster students
2019: Neusha GolshanaMuze logo, Emma DowtyaMuze logo, Felix McGuinnessaMuze logo, Georgia PayneaMuze logo, Rana HadaraMuze logo, Cathinka RøkebergaMuze logo

BPS Poster students
2018: Rabeeah Sohail, (Wakefield Morys-Carter), Jessica Chadwick, Lauren Payne, Maryam Mehmood, Ella Houston, Conor Doherty, Lucy Hindle, Emily Clark

2017: Jessamine Rayner, Laura Partridge (MSc)

BPS Poster students
2016: (Wakefield Morys-Carter), (Emma Davies), Aloe Del Campo, Cara Law, Tom Smejka, Mollie Huckin, Holly Clegg

BPS Poster students
2015: (Emma Davies), Kasia Kowalska, Ingrun Miljeteig, Rachel Egloff, Lorraine Groves, Jessica Faith, Emma Sellers, Katie Hannam, (Wakefield Morys-Carter)

BPS Cognitive Section

Benjamin Gooddy
Fruzsina Urban
2021: Benjamin Goody, Fruzsina Urban

BPS Cognitive and Developmental Joint Section

Vanessa Bennett
2019: Vanessa Bennett
Delegates' choice poster prize.

BPS Midlands

Amber, Wakefield, Katy
2019: Amber Clark. Musical preference as predicted by personality, social influence and social identity.
(Wakefield Morys-Carter. Who cares about the climate?)
Katy Coleman. Post-injury recovery comparisons: Aerial circus performers and netball players.

Rosie, Tina, Cathinka
Rosie Tackley, Tina Geiser and Cathinka Røkeberg (2018). Artificial intelligence in healthcare.

BPS West Midlands

Matlida Wensley
Matlida Wensley (2016). Identities of English homeless and immigrant homeless individuals.

BPS West Midlands Students
2015: (Wakefield Morys-Carter, Tattoo Prejudice: driven into history by the millennial generation), Cara Law, The experience of flow through reading, Siobhan Grandis, Tattoo Prejudice: the effects of size and location, Rebecca Underwood, Flow in racket sports, Sarah Hennelly (PhD), Mindfulness during pregnancy: Associations between mindfulness, psychological wellbeing and health-related lifestyles, (Emma Davies), Tom Smejka and Jasmine Martin, Pierced and prejudiced: the effect of piercing location on perceived attractiveness by participants with and without piercings, Grace Ferrey, Soraya Khanna, (Aspasia Paltoglou).

Undergraduate Research Assistantship

Imogen Soper and Georgia Cook
2020: Imogen Soper supervised by Georgia Cook, Parental experiences of children’s sleep problems and experiences of different intervention methods.

British Conference of Undergraduate Students

BCUR 2021
2021: Lucy Dallyn, Thea Dyer, Ella Hopwood, Alexa Kurmann, Maximillian Craik, Investigating how handwriting legibility influences judgements of text quality.