The Planter   Capt Thomas Beazley                      London November 1838 to Adelaide May 1839

Footprints a memoir of the late Alexander Hay                       Agnes Hay   pub  Elliot Stock 1899
‘Left London on the 25th November in the barque Planter. We lost sight of land on the 3rd December. We went through the Bay of Biscay between the 11th and the 14th, and came in sight of Madeira on the 23rd from which time we had favourable winds till we crossed the Equator on the 11th January 1839. A short time after we crossed the line a mutiny took place among the sailors, by which the passengers had to work the ship for a fortnight, till we got into the harbour of rio de Janeiro. We came in sight of Cape Frio on the 22nd, and entered the harbour of Rio on the 27th which is one of the most beautiful harbours I have ever witnessed. We left Rio on the 23rd February. After we had left a few days they discovered that the oil on board was nearly exhausted and they determined to call at the island of Tristan d’Acunah for a fresh supply. We had very strong winds and dull weather when we came about the latitude of the island so that they could not get a sight of the sun at 12 o’clock to steer the vessel. So they steered for Algoa Bay in Southern Africa. When we came in sight of the Cape of Good Hope, on the 12th March, when they found that we were opposite Table Bay, and the wind blowing very hard from the south-south-east, so that we were obliged to tack about there for the space of a week before we could double the Cape. We entered Algoa Bay on the 22nd, and the caps of the masts being found unsafe to go to sea with (owing to their rotten condition), they had to stayand refit them, so that it was 3rd of April before we left it. We arrived at Port Adelaide on the 15th of May 1839 and got ashore on the 18th.
Among the 96 passengers of whom 29 were children were Henry Joseph Durieu and his family including his daughter Emma Mary and Daniel Crosby. Daniel and Emma married in in 1840.
Voyage of a lifetime     Dalma Morgan & Harry Poole                         pub 1978   2nd Ed 2006
The ancestry and descendants of Daniel Crosby & Emma Mary Durieu who met on The Planter. Note The first edition has errors in the French ancestry of Henry Durieu.
Private Journal of a Voyage to Australia   James Bell
edt Richard Walsh pub Allen & Unwin 2011
A diary of the voyage rediscovered in 2010 and sold with much publicity to the State Library of South Austraia
Edward Gibbon Wakefield mentioned in the introduction to the Private Journal (Page x & xi) as the architect of the colonisation of South Australia and hence the voyage of The Planter was an elder brother of Richard Wakefield Lovelace Carter’s great great grandfather John Howard Wakefield.
Passengers on The Planter included

 .       Daniel Crosby 27 from Beckingham Lincolnshire

The Durieu family of 21 Fuller Street Bethnal Green

.        Henry Joseph 43, notary public, carpenter and gunsmith   (The ‘professions’ as in  italics were chosen to facilitate emigration)
.        Lucy nee Taylor 38 his wife (died at sea 21 March 1839) with their children
.            Emma Mary 18 seamstress
.            Catherine 15 seamstress
.            Lucy 13
.            Henry Louis11
.            William Augustus 8
.            Ellen Eliza 2 (after Mother’s death adopted at Capetown and returned UK)
.            Charles Walter 6 months (died at sea)
.       Mary Taylor 56, Lucy’s mother, widow, tailor and sailmaker  m2  Adelaide  John Perry
.       Honora Keane 26 Dressmaker daughter of Lucy’s sister Jane and a Dr Keane

Descendancy of Ursula Whitford Carter nee Poole

Henry Joseph Durieu m Lucy Taylor (4d 3s) d of Mary Taylor
Emma Mary Durieu m 1840 Daniel Crosby  (2s 4d)
Mary Crosby b1846 m 1866 William Henry Whitford  moved Western Australia 1896 (8s 5d)
William Horace Whitford b1882 m 1906 Mary Agnes Brennan  (1d)
Mariel Evelyn Whitford b 1907 m 1937 Harry Duncan Poole (2d)
Ursula Whitford Poole b1943 m1967 Richard Wakefield Lovelace Carter

Golden Wedding of William Henry and Mary Crosby Kalgorlie 1906
George Taylor, Herbert W, Frank W, Percy W, Leslie W
Henry & Elsie W, Edith Grace, WILLIAM HORACE & MARY W, Archer
Elsie Taylor+Frank, Mary W, WILLIAM HENRY & MARY W, Lucy W, Hilda + Ernst
Herbert Taylor MARIEL W, Keith Taylor Nancy W, Archie Mavis & Clarice Taylor, Archer




THE DURIEUS   From Revolutionary France to Australia via London

Voyage of a Lifetime ed 2 gives detailed ancestry to the 1500s

 0 Arnaud Durieu m Jean Milhet
1 Antoine Durieu(1671Lezat Fr-1720Lezat Fr) m
1 Clare Brus (1674Lezat Fr-1739 Lezat Fr)
0 d of Gregoire Brus and Marguerite Masse
12 Jean Paul DURIEU, also known as DURIEUX, (12/4/1711 Lézat-Sur-Lèze Fr. m(26/7/1746 Saint-Ybars France)
12 Catherine FORTANIER,,(3/5/1714 Saverdun Co. Foix Fr -20/7/ 1772 Saint-Ybars FRANCE),
123 Jeanne Marie DURIEU b. 26 Aug 1751. 96
123 Emile DURIEU b. ABT 1760.
123 Jean Thibaut DURIEU b. ABT 1762, d. AFT 1772.
123 Louis DURIEU (7/8/1754,Fr-2/10/1835Eng). m5/5/1794 St Mary’s Church Newington Middx  Eng
buried 20/10/1835 in St Luke’s Churchyard Old Street Finsbury Middlesex Eng
123 Mary Ann HOPCRAFT, also known as Mary Ann HOPCROFT (19/4/1775Mddx-9/11/1852  84 Hackney Road Haggerstone London)
buried in St Luke’s Churchyard Old Street Finsbury Middlesex ENG.
1234  Henry Joseph DURIEU b. 21 Jan 1795, d. 16 May 1883.  m  Lucy Polly Taylor
                                    See below for family of Henry Joseph Durieu & Lucy Polly Taylor
1234 William Augustus DURIEU b. 13 Oct 1796.
1234 Louisa DURIEU b. 23 Feb 1799, d. 1823.
1234 Louis Adolphus DURIEU b. 5 Mar 1801, d. 16 May 1857.
1234  Mary Ann DURIEU b. 9 Mar 1803, d. DEC QR. 1885.
1234  Harriet DURIEU b. 17 Feb 1805, d. 1 Mar 1807.
1234 Francis Ernest DURIEU b. 1 Sep 1810, d. 16 Sep 1890.
1234 Frederick DURIEU b. ABT 1816, d. BEF 1861.

Family of
1234  Henry Joseph DURIEU (21/1/1795London-16/5/1883Australia                    Emigrated on The Planter 1838 with his family
1234  Lucy Polly Taylor  ( -1840 at sea)
123 d of Mary Taylor who was on Planter with the Durieus in 1939 as emigrants to Australia with Lucy’s sister Honora Keane
12345 Emma Mary DURIEU b. 10 Mar 1819, d. 29 Oct 1885 m
12345 Daniel Crosby See below for the family of Daniel Crosby
123456 Mary Crosby (1846-) m 1896 William Henry Whitford and moved to WA
                       See below for family and descendants of William Henry Whitford and Mary Crosby
12345 Ernest John DURIEU b. 9 Jan 1821, d. 5 May 1831.
12345 Catherine Jane (Kitty) DURIEU b. 6 Mar 1824, d. 20 Nov 1897.
12345 Lucy DURIEU (16/1/1825-2/3/1920.m Richard Morphett  from England in the “Taglioni” to Port Adelaide on 13/10/1842   2 children Lucy  Emily
12345 Henry Louis DURIEU b. 13 Sep 1827, d. 10 Nov 1891. m1849
Emma Pitman  born Wiltshire 1829.  In 1840 Emma with her family to South Austraila aboard the Fairlie  10 Children inc
123456 Cathrine Lucy Du Rieu m1875  Luther Crosby her first cousin
12345William Augustus DURIEU b. 15 Sep 1830, d. 31 Oct 1916.
12345 George Edward DURIEU b. 9 Aug 1832, d. 28 Apr 1833.
12345 John Frederick DURIEU b. 26 Mar 1834, d. 21 Feb 1835.
12345 Ellen Eliza DURIEU b. 19 Oct 1836, d. AFT 1871. Adopted in Cape Town 1840 and returned to UK
12345 Charles Walter DURIEU  (14/8/1838- JAN 1840 at sea)

THE CROSBYS  from Beckingham in Lincolnshire to Australia

 0 William Crosby m 2/3/1585 Beckinham      Margaret Coullince              5s inc
1 John Crosby bap 16/3/1597 Hougham   m Ann                                        5s 2d inc
12 Thomas Crosby ( -1734) m 23/4/1700 Dinah Hatfield                           3s 1d inc
123 Thomas Crosby bap28/4/1706 d1782
123     m1 2/5/1736  Mary Bedford ( -1743)                                              3s 1d
123     m2 7/5/1745  Ann Hall ( -1791)                                                      2s 3d inc
1234 John Crosby  bap 18/7/1753 d 1834
1234   m1  24/3/1774 Lucy Walker ( -1800)                                              6s 5d
1234  m2  28/9/1801 Mary Fisher 9 -1836)                                            4s 2d inc
12345 Daniel Crosby (1811Beckingham-1881Australia)
12345 1840 Emma Mary Durieu        Emigrated on The Planter 1838
123456 Emma Crosby (1841-  ) m1  1863 Robert Vawser   m2 1869 Robert Penro
123456 Lucy Crosby (1842-  ) m 1863 William Blood Burpee
123456 Benjamin Crosby (1844-1915) m1 1867 Mary Ann Ogilvy m2 1869 Elizabeth Jane Bray
123456 Mary Crosby (1846- ) m 1866 William Whitford
              See below for family of William Whitford
123456 Luther Crosby (1853-) m 1875 Catherine Du Rieu his first cousin
123456 Elizabeth Crosby (1858- ) m1882 Robert Richard Winzer

THE WHITFORDS from Gwenapp Cornwall to Western Australia

-1 Christopher Whitford (  – 26/1/1674)              m Jane

0 Richard Whitford (16/3/1663-24/12/1692)      m Mary

1 Richard Whitford (20/11/1675- )                        m 4/11/1699 Ann James

12 Emmanuel Whitford (18/4/1719- )                 m Philippa

123 Christopher Whitfield (4/3/1753 -)              m Ann Elborn

1234 Emmanuel Whitford (23/3/1783 – )     m 21/3/1807 Mary Billing  m2 1829 Christopher Seymour

12345 Christopher Whitford (1806 Penzance-   Australia)  m
12345 Elizabeth HOSKING(1811Redruth – Australia)
123456 William Henry WHITFORD(1845Aus-1921KalgorlieAus) m1866 moved Western Australia 1896 8s 5d
123456 Mary CROSBY(1846-1932KalgorlieAus)
1234567William Horace WHITFORD (1882OAus-1962EppingEng) m1906
1234567 Mary Agnes BRENNEN(1885PortAdelaideOz-1959PerthOz)
12345678 Mariel WHITFORD m Harry Duncan Poole
                   see POOLE for family of Harry Poole
12345678 Ursula Whitford Poole b1943 m1967 Richard Wakefield Lovelace Carter
                  see CARTER for family and ancestry Richard Carter       


A full list of descendants of Daniel Crosby & Emma Mary Durieu including descendants of Mary Crosby and William Henry Whitford is in Voyage of a Lifetime by Dalma Morgan and Harry Poole. The French ancestry of the Durieus is corrected in the second edition.