The Barclays, The Bells and The Quaker Connections of Priscilla Wakefield (1750-1832)



The painting by Francis Wheatley c 1770  in Norwich Castle Museum shows Edward Wakefield with his wife Priscilla and her sister Catherine Bell  (later wife of John Gurney of Earlham and mother of Elizabeth Fry)


Priscilla Wakefield achieved success and fame as a writer on a number of subjects including Feminist Economics, Natural Science and Travel for Children.

        Descendants of Colonel David Barclay of Urie 1st (1610-1686) 

-1 Colonel David Barclay of Urie 1st  MP(1610Kirktounhill-1686) 

Served  in The 30 Years War under Gustavus Adolphus and in The Civil War in Scotland, joined The Society of Friends in 1665 . The subject of John Whittier’s ballad. ‘Barclay of Ury’(DoNB1909)

-1                                                            m (12/10/1638) Katherine Gordon (11/1/1621-1663)

-2            d of Sir Robert Gordon 1st Bart of Gordonstoun (1580-1656) m 1613 Louisa Gordon (1597-1680

See separate sections for the Lineages of  Colonel David Barclay and Katherine Gordon

0 Jean Barclay (1646?-  )m(2/1/685) Ewen Cameron Bt (1629-1719)‘The Great LochielThe 17th Chieftain of the Cameron’s of Lochiel

1  Una Cameron  m Robert Barclay of Urie 4th (1699-1760) see below

0 Robert Barclay of Urie 2nd  The Apologist (23/12/1648-3/10/1690) 

First theologian of the Quakers and author in 1676 of An Apology for the True Christian Divinity. (Barclay’s Apology in Modern English ed Freiday pub Barclay Press 1991) (DoNB1909)

                                                                m(1/2/1670)Christian Mollison (1647-14/2/1723) The first Quaker wedding in Aberdeen

-1            d  of Gilbert Mollison merchant and bailie of Aberdeen m Margaret  Smith( -died in childbirth 1669)

-2  eldest s of  Thomas Mollinson of  Lachintully     ?Thomas was either the celebrated Colonel Mollison who helped defend Candia (Crete) against the Turks during the siege from 1648-1669 or was his father making the defender of Crete  Gilbert’s brother?


1 Robert Barclay of Urie 3rd (1673-1747)m Elizabeth Braine d of John Braine of Wapping

12 Robert Barclay of Urie 4th (1699-1760) m Una Cameron his 1st cousin, daughter of Jean Barclay and Ewen Cameron  4s 1d inc

123 Robert Barclay of Urie 5th (1731-1797)The Great Master

123                                         m1 Lucy Barclay d of David Barclay and Priscilla Freame as below

1234 Lucy Barclay m(1777) Samuel Galton (  -1832) of Dudson House

123                                         m2 Sarah Ann Allardice  d of James Allardice of Allardice  3s 4d inc

1234 Captain Robert Barclay-Allardice of Urie 6th&last (1779-1854)m((1815) Mary Dalgarno

The Great Pedestrian, (1Kmiles in 1Khours for 1Kgunieas) Boxing Promoter and a founder of modern cattle breeding

(The Celebrated Captain Barclay by Peter Radford Pub.2001Headline) (DoNB1909)

1234 Margaret Barclay (1780-1855)?) m91809) Hudson Gurney MP (1775-1864) of Keswick

123 David Barclay (  -1762)   Killed at taking of Martinique

12 Mollison Barclay m John Doubleday

12 Elizabeth Barclay m Sir William Ogilvie 4th Bart of Barras


1 David Barclay (17/9/1682-18/3/1723) Quaker banker of Cheapside 

  • m1(1707) Ann Taylor (1689- 1720) d of James Taylor London Linen draper

12 James Barclay (Banker -1766) m(1733) Sarah Freame s of Priscilla Freame (1700-1769) d of John Freame (1658-   ) 2s 3d inc

123 Anne Barclay(  -1757) m(1756) James Allardice of Allardice (1727-1765)

12 Alexander Barclay (1711-1771) died in Philadelphia Pa  m1 Ann Hickmam

123 Robert Barclay (1751-1830) of Barclay Perkins m1(1775) Rachel Gurney (1755-1793) d of John Gurney of Keswick 5s 9d inc

1234 Charles Barclay (1780-1855) of Bury Hill Sheriff of Surrey m(1804) Anna Maria Kett

123 Patience Barclay

12 Elizabeth Barclay(1714-1745) m Timothy Bevan (1704-1786) Druggist & Chemist Lombard Street

123 Slvanus Bevan (1743-1830) m1 Isabella Wakefield d of Edward Wakefield ( 1715- 1765) & Isabella Gibbon

1         m2 (8/8/1723)Priscilla Freame(1700-1769)

 0               d of John Freame  (1658-    ) of Mddx grocer and goldsmith (co Founding Partner Barclays Bank 1690-1745)

-1                            s of Robert Freame of Quaker textile merchant Cirencester

-2                            s ? of Richard Freme  Mayor of Gloucester with ancestry in Harleian Publication Vol 21 p62 m …Horne

-3                            s of  William Freme of Lypiate m      Bamfeld

-4                            s of Thomas Freme of Lypiate m d of and coheir of Sir William Morgan of Pencoyd d1542

                m Priscilla Gould (1674-1727)  of Enfield sister of his partner Thomas Gould (co Founding Partner Barclays Bank 1690-1730)

-1                            d of Thomas Gould of Erith Kent

                See separate chart for descendants of David Barclay and Priscilla Freame


1 John Barclay of Dublin m Anne Strettel d of Amos Strettel

1 Patience Barclay m Timothy Forbes s of Alexander of Aquahorties in Aberdeenshire

1 Catherine Barclay m James Forbes s of Alexander of Aquahorties in Aberdeenshire

1 Christiana Barclay m Alexander Jaffray of Kingswell

1 Jean Barclay m Alexander Forbes of Aquahorties in Aberdeenshire


0 John Barclay   (1659Urie -1732NewJersey)  of East New Jersey  m  Katherine  ( -1703)

1 John Barclay (1702-1786) b Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., New Jersey m Katherine Gordon (1705-1757) of New Jersey  6s 3d inc

12 John Barclay (1730-  ) b Mddx Co. NJ m                                 1s 1d inc

123 Richard Barclay (1764 – 1847 ) b Mddx Co. NJ m Ruth Jolly ( – 1853)  5s inc

1234 David Barclay (1794- 1857)  b Mongomery Orange Co NY m Elizabeth (  -1857)  6s 2d inc

12345 Charles Barclay (1819 – 1884) b Lyons Wayne Co NY m Esther Ellis Youngs (1821-1897) Lyons Wayne Co  NY  1s 6d inc

123456 Warren Barclay (1851–1936)   b Kent  Co Michigan m Isadora Bigelow (1852 – 1888 ) b New York 2s 2d inc

1234567 Wallace Barclay (1883-1956) b Kent Co  Michigan


0 David Barclay

0 Lucy Barclay



 Descendants of David Barclay (1662-1723) and Priscilla Freame (1700-1769)                                     B1.2

12 David Barclay of Youngsberry (1728-1809) (Partner Barclays Bank 1776-1809) m1 Martha Hudson

123 Agatha Barclay m Richard Gurney of Keswick banker

1234 Hudson Gurney MP  (1775-1864)of Keswick m (1809) Margaret Barclay d of Robert Barclay 5th of Urie

1234 Agatha Gurney m Sampson Hanbury of Poles


12 John Barclay (1728-1827) (P Barclays Bank 1781-1787) m Susanna Willett s of Huldah Willett 1st w of Edward Wakefield   2s 3d inc

123Robert Barclay, (P Barclays Bank 1809-1816), b 1758, m Ann Ford, d of Isaac Ford of Manchester.4s 5d inc

1234 Robert Barclay (1787-1853) m (1802) Elizabeth Gurney d of Joseph Gurney of Lakenham Grove

123 Susannah Willet Barclay (1769-1820) m (1789) Osgood Hanbury of Holfield Grange


12 Catherine Barclay (1727-19/10/1794) m(17/2/1750)  Daniel Bell (1726-29/10/1802)Coal Merchant of Stamford Hill Mddx 

See separate chart Descendants of John Bell  for family and descendents of Daniel Bell and Catherine Barclay


12 Lucy Barclay (1730 -1757) m Robert Barclay of Urie 5th  (1731-1797) her cousin, twice great grandson of The Apologist

123 Lucy Barclay (1757-1817 m Samuel Galton FRS(1753-1833) Gunmaker, Member Lunar Society 5s 3d 

1234 Samuel Tertius Galton (1783-1844) m Frances Ann Darwin (1783-1874) aunt of Charles Darwin, author ‘Origin of Species’3s 4d

12345 Sir Frances Galton FRS (1822-1911) scientist, mathematician, meteorologist, founder of eugenics and fingerprinting


12 Caroline Barclay m John Lindoe of Norwich 2s 1d

12 Richenda Barclay m Nathaniel Springall of Norfolk  1s 1d

12 Christiana Barclay m1 Joseph Gurney 2d    m2 John Freame of London 1s    m3 Sir William Watson of Bath




The Freames and Goulds

-4  Thomas Freme of Lypiate m d of and coheir of Sir William Morgan of Pencoyd d1542

-3     William Freme of Lypiate m      Bamfeld

-2         Richard Freme  Mayor of Gloucester with ancestry in Harleian Publication Vol 21 p62 m …Horne

-1                Robert Freame (Quaker textile merchant Cirencester

0                         Robert Freame

1                                  Thomas Freame m Margaret Penn daughter of William Penn

0                        John Freame  (1669- 1745   ) of Mddx grocer and goldsmith (co Founding Partner Barclays Bank 1690-1745)

0                       m 1697Priscilla Gould (1674-1727)  of Enfield sister of his partner Thomas Gould( -1728)

-1              d of Thomas Gould of Erith Kent

1                                Priscilla Freame(1700-1769) m(8/8/17230  David Barclay  (17/9/1682-18/3/1723) as second wife

0                        Hannah Freame  m 1697 Thomas Gould of Erith Kent

1                               Thomas Gould independent banker bankrupt 1730






 Descendants of John Bell                                                                                                                            B1.3

-1  John Bell m (2April 1651Embleton nr Cockermouth) Elizabeth    (10 children)

0    Jonathan Bell (1654-1717) of Cockermouth, Cumberland  m Rebecca Hall   ( 10 children)

d of   …  Hall who  ‘fought first for the King; then for the Commonwealth; and finally turned Quaker and gave up fighting altogether’

1    Daniel Bell (12/12/1685Cumberland-24/2/1758Tottenham) Quaker Minister (See A collection of Testimonies concerning several ministers of theGospel  (Quakers)  Hinde  London1760 p342-348 ) m 1717  Elizabeth Sole ( 1688 – 1740) of Chipping Norton  

12   Daniel Bell (1726-29/10/1802)Coal Merchant of Stamford Hill Mddx  m(17/2/1750)  Catherine Barclay (1727-19/10/1794)               

123 Daniel Bell of Wandsworth(1753-1834) m 1789 Elinor Turner (  -1836)


12345 Mary Bell m John G. Kotze, Chief Justice of the Transvaal before the war of 1900

123 Jonathan Bell (1769-1855) m Maria Vaux  4s&7d inc

1234 Louisa Bell (- 1845) m(1836) John Craven Chadwick (1811-1899)Ontario m2 Caroline Eade(niece of MariaVaux)

1234 Edward Bell British Consul Bordeaux m Frances Matthews   6s&5d inc

12345 Sir Francis Dillon Bell KCMG (1822-1898)Agent-General for New Zealand m Margaret Hort  6s&2d inc

123456 Rt Hon Sir Henry Francis Dillon Bell PM of New Zealand m Caroline Robinson

1234567 Capt. William Henry Dillon Bell 1st King Edward’s Horse died in France 31/07/17.

123456 Alfred Dillon Bell m Gertrude Eliza Robinson

1234567 Margaret Brenda Bell   (1891-1979)  NZ radio pioneer

1234567 Francis Wirgman Dillon Bell (1896-1987) NZ radio pioneer

12345 Henry Angelo Bell (1822? -1842NZ)

123 Priscilla Bell (20/9/750-12/9/1832) authoress and botanist as Priscilla Wakefield (DoNB1909

123                                                         m(3/1/1771)  Edward Wakefield (3/6/1749-1826) of Tottenham,  London merchant in Gresham St

See Wakefield Family for ancestry of Edward Wakefield and descendants of Edward Wakefield & Priscilla Bell

123 Catherine Bell (1754-1792) m John Gurney of Earlham Hall (1749-1809) see Gurney’s of Earlham by Augustus Hare

1234 Elizabeth Gurney (1780-1845) (Elizabeth Fry the Prison reformer) m Joseph Fry (1777- 1861)

1234 John Gurney (1781-1814) m Elizabeth Gurney his first cousin

1234 Richenda Gurney (1782 –1855) m Francis Cunningham

1234 Louisa Gurney (1784-1836) m Samuel Hoare III her second cousin, banker son of Samuel Hoare & Sarah Gurney

12345 Joseph Hoare m(1) 1836 Anne Amelia Buxton  m(2) 1847 Rachel Julianna Barclay

1234 Samuel Gurney (1786-1865) ‘The Banker’s Banker’ m Elizabeth Sheppard 2s 8d

12345 Rachel Jane Gurney (1828-1905) m Thomas Fowell Buxton(1821-1908) her first cousin see below for family

1234 Hannah Gurney  m Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton bt MP (1786-1845) ‘The Liberator of Slaves’

12345 Thomas Fowell Buxton(1821-1908) m Rachel Jane Gurney (1828-1905)  his first cousin see above

123456 John Henry Buxton m Emma Maria Pelly

1234567Leonard Buxton m Kathleen Wingfield Digby

12345678 Kenneth Buxton m Agnes Bragg GGG Granddaughter of Priscilla Wakefield nee Bell (see Wakefields)

1234 Joseph John Gurney (1788-1847) Quakerbanker,  reformer, chief investor in Stockton & Darlington Railway?  

1234 Daniel Gurney (1791-1880)m Lady Harriet Hay d 15th Earl of Errol

123 Elizabeth Bell (1756-1846) m John Hanbury

123 Charlotte Bell 176?-1839 m Capel Hanbury (1764-1835)

123 Rebecca Bell (1758-1828) m Abel Chapman (1752-1849)  Obit The Gentleman’s Magazine June 1850  9s & 5d including

1234 Henry Chapman (1797-1854) m Calcuta 1836  Priscilla Susannah Wakefield (1809-1887)  sister of John Howard Wakefield

see Wakefields for details of Henry & Priscilla Chapman and family

123 Christiana  Bell m1. Nathaniel Springall, m2 Thomas Hankin

123 Caroline Bell m John Head of Ipswich

1234 Joseph Gurney (1757-1830) bro of  John Gurney of Earlham Hall (1749-1809) m Jane Chapman(1757-1841) sis of Abel Chapman(1752-1849)

12345 Emma Gurney (1800-1860 m Joseph Pease (1799-1872) 1st Quaker MP son of Edward Pease Stockton & Darlington railway founder

123456 Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease 1st Bt. Hutton Lowcross  (1828-1803) m Mary Fox(1835-1892)

1234567 Sir Alfred Edward Pease 2nd Bt. Hutton Lowcross (1857-1939) m Emily Elizabeth Smith(1897-1979)

12345678 Sir Joseph GurneyPease 5th Bt. Hutton Lowcross (1927-  ) mShelagh Munro Bulman(1934 -)

123456789 Charles Edward Gurney Pease (17 Jul 1955 – ) Kinloch Hotel

123456 Elizabeth Lucy Pease(1833-1881  Slavery abolitionist? m  John  Fowler



The Lineage of Colonel David Barclay (1610-1686)                                              B1.4

-21  Roger de Berchlai (      -1093) of Berkley Castle, Norman who came to England with William 1066

-20 John de Berchlai (Towie1)( –   ) accompanied Saint Margaret to Scotland 1069, granted lands at Towie, near Turriff by King Malcolm

-19  Theobald de Berkeley ? (1110-   ) of Banffshire

-18 John de Berkeley of Gartley Banffshire

-17 Robert de Berkeley (1196?-      )

-16 John de Berkeley (1225? –     ) of Gartley Banffshire

-15 Walter de Berkeley (1253?-   ) of Gartley Banffshire

-14 Andrew de Berkeley (1282- 1322) of Gartley Banffshire   Executed in England

-13 Alexander de Berkeley of Gartley Banffshire Ist of Mathers                             m Katherine Keith

                d of Edward de Keith  of Dunottar Kincardineshire killed  17/101346 at Battle of Neville’s Cross

                &    Isabella de Synton d of Alexander de Synton of Synton Selkirkshire

-12 David de Berclay (   – 1411)  2nd of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire           m 1380 Catherine Seton

-11 Alexander Berclay (1353-1416?)  3rd of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire m 1378 Helen Graeme

                d of Gilbert Graeme of Morphie Kincardineshire

-10 David Berclay (1407-    )  4th of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire                 m 1405 Elizabeth Strachan (1385?-   )   

-9 Alexander Barclay (1429- 1497)  6th of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire     m 1449 Catherine Wishart

                d of James Wishart of Pittarow Mearns

-8 David Barclay of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire                                           m 1471 Janet Irvine

                d of Alexander Irvine of Drum Aberdeenshire m 1425 Miss Lindesay 

-7 Alexander Barclay (1472-   )  7th of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire           m Mary Auchinleck (1473- )

d of James Auchinleck of Glenbervie Kincardineshire  m 1468 the daughter of John Melville of Glenbervie

-6 George Barclay (1493-    )  8th  of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire               m 1513 Marjory Auchterlony (1494-   )

                d of James Auchterlony (1473-        ) of Auchterlony Angusshire 

-5 David Barclay (1515-1560)  9th of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire              m 1534 Mary Rait of Hallgreen  Bervie Kincardineshire

-4 George Barclay (1536-1607) 10th of Mathers  of Kirtounhill St Cyrus Kincardineshire m1556 Mary Erskine

                d of Sir Thomas Erskine  Lord of Brechin  Angusshire

-3 Thomas Barclay (1558-     ) of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire    m 1578 Janet Strachan (1559-   ) of Lauriston Kincardineshire

-2 David Barclay (1580-1660)  11th of Mathers St Cyrus Kincardineshire            m1604 Elizabeth Livingstone

–               d of Sir John Livingstone (1554- 1619) 4th of Dunplace Stirlingshire   m1579 Margaret Colville of Ochitree Ayeshire

                s of  John Livingstone m Margaret Elphinstone

-1  Colonel David Barclay of Urie 1st (1610-25/12/1686)



The Lineage of Katherine Gordon (1621-1683)


-14 Edward I  King of England (1229-1307)                                               m2 1299                Marquerite Princess of France (1275-1317)

d of Philippe III King of France and Marie Princess of Brabant

-13 Edmund of Woodstock Prince of England (1301-1330)                     m 1325                  Margaret Wake (1295-1349)

d of John Lord Wake of Liddell  and Joan Fitzbernard

-12 Joan The Fair Maid of Kent (Later Princess of Wales as wife of Edward The Black Prince)  (1328-1385)

m1 1346                Thomas Holland 1st Earl of Kent (1314-1360)

s of Sir Robert de Holland (1290-1328) and Maud la Zouche (1290-1341) d of Alan Lord Zouche (1267-1314)

-11 Thomas Holland 2nd Earl of Kent (1354-1397)                                     m 1364                  Lady Alice Fitzalan

d of Richard Fitzalan The 4th Earl of Arundel and Eleanor Plantagenet  ggd of Henry III of England

-10 Lady Margaret Holland (1385-1439))                                     m John Beaufort 1st Marquis of Dorset & Earl of Somerset  (1371-1409)

s of John Gaunt Prince of England (1340-1398) and Catherine de Roet of Picardy in France

-8 Joan Beaufort Queen of Scots (1406-1445)                                             m1 1423                James I King of Scotland ((1394-1346)

s of Robert III King of Scotland (1337-1406) and Annabella Drummond

-7 Annabella Princess of Scotland                                                                 m                            George Gordon 2nd Earl of Huntly  (1430-1501)

s of Alexander Gordon of Huntly and Elizabeth Crichton d of William Crichton of Edinburgh

-6 Adam Gordon (1452-1537?) of Huntly                                                     m 1474                  Elizabeth Sutherland

d of John Sutherland 8th Earl of Sutherland and Margaret Macdonald d of Alexander Macdonald Earl of Ross

-5 Alexander Gordon Master of Sutherland (1501-1529)                           m 1520                  Janet Stewart

d of Sir James Stewart 2nd Earl of Atholl and Janet Mary Campbell d of the 2nd Earl of Argyll

-4 John Gordon 11th Earl of Sutherland (1525-1567)                                  m 1548                  Helen Elizabeth Stewart (Mistress James IV )

d of John Stewart 3rd Earl of Lennox and Elizabet Stewart of Fifeshire

-3 Alexander Gordon 12th Earl of Sutherland (1552-1619)                        m 1573                  Lady Jean Gordon of Huntly (1554-1629)

d of George Gordon 4th Earl of Huntly and Elizabeth Keith of Dunottar Kincardine

-2 Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun (1580-1656)                                    m 1613                  Louisa Gordon (1597-1680)

d of John Gordon Lord of Glenluce (1554-1619) and Genevieve Petau d of Gideon Petau of Brittany,  Lord of Mauler

-1 Katherine Gordon of Gordonstoun (11/1/1621-1683



BARCLAYS                                                                                     B1.5

Norman de Berchelai to Scottish Barclay

Roger de Berchelai came to England with William the Conqueror and built Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. This early

form of the name was believed to be the Anglo-Saxon version of  ‘beau’ meaning beautiful, and ‘lee’, a meadow or field. Roger  was mentioned in the Domesday Book as well as his son, John.  John de Berchelai accompanied Margaret (later St. Margaret) to Scotland. In gratitude for his service, King Malcolm  (Canmore) granted him the lands of Towie, near Turriff, in Aberdeenshire, as well as the title, Barclay of that Ilk. The Barclays formed important alliances and held land throughout the north-east of Scotland, principally Towie, Mathers, Gartley and Pierston in Aberdeenshire. Throughout Scotland, they played important roles in national affairs. Sir David Barclay was one of Robert the Bruce’s chief associates and  was present at many of his battles. Sir Walter de Berkeley was Great  Chamberlain of Scotland 1165-1189. Alexander de Berkeley  married Katherine Keith, sister of the Earl Marischal. Their son Alexander was the  first to adopt the Barclay form of the surname. Sir George Barclay was Steward of the household of Mary, Queen of Scots.


Barclays of Urie

One of the major Barclay families was established in 1648 at Urie near Stonehaven in Kincardineshire The first Laird, Colonel David Barclay, was a professional soldier who served with the army of Gustavus Adolphus. For his gallantry in the Battle of Lutzen, he was commissioned a captain. After attaining the rank of major in the Swedish army, he returned to Scotland in 1638. He entered the Parliamentary Army, in which he became a colonel. He commanded a troop of horse in the Battle of Philiphaugh, near Selkirk, 13 September 1645.  He was elected a member of Parliament for Sutherland in 1649, and later for the shires of Angus and Mearns. After the restoration of the House of Stuart in 1660, he was imprisoned in Edinburgh, but was released through the intercession of his friend, John, Earl Middleton. While confined in Edinburgh Castle he was converted to the Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1666  and later suffered persecution, imprisonment, and various indignities on account of his religious beliefs. He is described as a “proper, tall, personage of a man as could be seen among thousands. His hair was white as flax, but quite bald upon the top of his head, which obliged him to wear commonly a black satin cap under his hat”. He died in 1686,

Colonel David’s son Robert Barclay was widely known for his Apologia, described on the title page as being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the People called Quakers, which was published in 1659 when Robert was twenty-seven, becoming widely influential, and translated into all the European languages. He was friends with the leading Quakers of his day, George Fox and William Penn. Together, they were responsible for the idea of a city of brotherly love to be built in America. Instrumental in settling the east coast of the American colonies, Robert was appointed life governor by the proprietors of East New Jersey who granted him 5,000 acres of land.

Robert’s second son, David Barclay, left Urie and went to London and was apprenticed to a City Company where he became a merchant and a rich man. His second wife was the daughter of John Freame, goldsmith, whose premises in Lombard Street became a banking center as the site of the Barclay’s Bank.

The Barclays remained at Urie for three further generations. The last Laird being Robert Barclay Allardice ‘The Great Pedestrian’.


Barclays Bank

Barclays origins can be traced back to a modest business founded more than 300 years ago in the heart of London’s financial district. In the late 17th century, the streets of the City of London may not have been paved with gold, but they were filled with goldsmith-bankers. They provided monarchs and merchants with the money they needed to fund their ventures around the world. One such business was founded by John Freame (b 1658) and his partner Thomas Gould (brother of Priscilla Gould  b1674) in Lombard Street in 1690. The name Barclay became associated with the company in 1736, when James Barclay son of David Barclay (b1682) -who had married John Freame’s daughter -became a partner.

The dynasty of bankers begun by John Barclay was reinforced by several alliances with other banking families, John’s grandson Robert marrying Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Gurney, another Quaker banker. The line continued through their second son, Joseph Gurney Barclay, of Knott’s Green, who married Mary, daughter of William Leatham, another banker, and then through Robert Barclay, of High Leigh, who merged twenty banks into Barclay & Company Limited, and who married Elizabeth Ellen Buxton, whose mother was a Gurney. Their eldest son, Robert Leatham Barclay, married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Robert Williams, 1st Bt, another banker. After the death of Robert Leatham Barclay in 1939, the representation of this branch of the family passed to his nephew, Theodore David Barclay, of Higham, Bury St Edmunds, and thence to his son, David William Barclay.