The Wakefield Ancestry and family of of Ivy Octavia Wakefield who married George Edward Lovelace Carter in 1914


Numbers are generations from Roger Wakefield (1636-1724) and Robert Barclay (1648-1690)‘The Apologist’

Bold Type are direct ancestors of Wakefield Lovelace Carter of generation 10

Known by names are underlined if they are not first name


The picture above shows the wedding of George Edward Lovelace Carter and Ivy Octavia Wakefield in 1914 at the Mussoorie Hill Station in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.


The Wakefields were Quakers for  several generations with Edward Wakefield in 1771 marrying Priscilla Bell great grandaughter of the Quaker Apologist Robert Barclay and John Freame the Quaker banker. Follow the link below for her family.


-2 Roger Wakefield (1572?-16??) of Challon Hall Preston Patrick m before 1592? 1602? Isobel

-1 NicholasWakefield (1603?- 16??) m 1633?

0 Roger Wakefield of Challon Hall, Preston Patrick, Westmoreland (1636-1724)

                                                 m (21/3/1665) Hannah Preston (c1638-10/5/1732) of Farleton Westmoreland

1 Roger Wakefield (c1666-30/11/1731) of Preston Patrick Westmoreland

1                                              m(c1704) Mary Haig (1679-      ) of Brighouse Yorkshire


12 Roger Wakefield of Stricklandgate Kendal (1705-1756)  m1 1730 Margaret Willan  m2  1737 Mary Wilson

123 John Wakefield (1738-1811) of Stricklandgate Quaker banker m Margaret Hod(g?)son (    -1812) of Carlisle

1234 John Wakefield (1761-1829 of Stricklandgate Quaker banker m Mary Beakbane(  -1824) of Lancaster

12345Ann Wakefield (1797-1876) m1821 John Cropper (1797-1876)  3s+6d incl

123456 James Cropper MP (1823-1900) m1845  Fanny Alison Wakefield (1825-1868) 1s 1d

1234567 Charles James Cropper JP DL (1852-1924) of Tolston Hall Kendal m 1876 Hon Edith Holland 1d 2s

12345678 Eleanor Cropper (1879-1933) m 1905 Rt Hon Sir Francis Dyke Acland 14th Bt MP 3s 1d   A Devon Family by Ann Acland

123456 Sarah Wakefield Cropper (1825-1890) painter The Cloisters? m Rev Arthur Willink (1822-1862) Vicar of St Paul’s Tranmere, Cheshire + 6s&1d  both mentioned in Noel Annan, ‘The Intellectual Aristocracy’, in J. H. Plumb, ed., Studies in Social History: A Tribute to G. M. Trevelyan ‎(London: Longmans, Green, 1955)‎, 272

1234567 Rev Arthur Willink (1850-1913) Theologian author World of the Unseen  m Margaret Dickson (1849-1935)

12345678 Capt Herman James Lindale Willink ( -5/11/1918WWI) m Mary Elizabeth Weston

1234567 William Edward Willink (1856-1924) Architect m Florence  Macan Urmston   2s 3d incl

1234567 The Very Rev. John Wakefield WILLINK DD Dean of Norwich (24/10/1858-1927)  m. 27 Jul 1887 Ruth Agnes SIM,

12345678 Arthur James Wakefield WILLINK b. 17 May 1890

12345678 Mary Cecilia Wakefield WILLINK

12345678 Henry Urmston Willink MP  (1894-1973) Minister of Health,  Master of Magdalene, Camb,  1st Baronet of Dingle Ban ,

123456 Margaret Cropper  (1837-1930) m Rev Canon William Jones (1834-1902) 3s 3d incl

1234567 Sir Clement Wakefield Jones (1890-1963) m Enid Boscawen (1899-1980) 2s 1d inc

12345678 Maurice Llewelyn Clement Jones (1917-1988) m Margaret Jean Hudson (1919- ) 3s 2d inc

123456789 Lord Timothy Francis Clement Jones  CBE(1949- ) m Jean Roberta Whiteside (1958- )

12345 Edward Wakefield (1799-1858) of Birklands Kendal m Susanna Birkbeck of Settle Yorkshire

123456 William Wakefield (1825-1892 m Marianne Wavell of Halifax Yorks

1234567 Roger William Wakefield MD (1865-1958) m Ethel Knott (1874-1960) of Staleybridge

12345678 Baron William Wavell Wakefield of Kendal MP (1898-1983)RFU Capt of England, Lord Wakers of Twickers m Rowena Lewis

12345678 Sir Edward Wakefield (1903-69) 1stBt ICS MP Author ‘Past Imperative’ m 1929 Lalage Thompson d of Sir John Thompson ICS

123456789 Imogen Wakefield (1930-1935) Killed in Quetta Earthquake 31/5/1935

123456789 Xanthe Wakefield (1932-1962)

123456789 Sir Edward Humphrey Tyrrell Wakefield (1936-) bt m1 1960 Priscilla Bagot

123456789                                                                                             m2 1966 Hon. Elizabeth Sophia Sidney

1234567890 Maximilian Edward Vereker Wakefield Racing driver (1967- ) m Lucinda Piper

12345678901 William Wavell Wakefield (1998-)       Edward Gort Wakefield (2000- )

123456789                                                                                              m3 1974 Katherine Mary Baring (1936-

12345678 d of Sir Charles Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale & Lady Mary Cecil Grey

Sir Humphrey Wakefield & Lady Mary Grey of Chillingham Castle Northumberland which has been in the Grey family since 1246

1234567890 Mary Elizabeth Lalage Wakefield (1975-     )                        John Humphrey Baring Wakefield ((1977-   )

123456789 Hady Wakefield (1938- )

12345678 Roger Cuthbert Wakefield (1906-1986)Climber, RFU British Lion, Explorer, Surveyor in the Sudan m1936 Elizabeth Davie

1234567 Dr Arthur W Wakefield (1876-1949)  GP Cumbria, reached the North Col of Mount Everest as  Dr to  1922 expedition The members were awarded Olympic Gold Alpinism Medals at the 1924 Summer Olympic. His medal was taken to the summit in 2012?


12 Edward Wakefield (26/12/1715-5/12/1765) London Merchant and banker in Dublin                                                               W1.2

   Variously Wakefield, Willet & Pratt,  in 1770, was Wakefield, Pratt & Miers and later the name was Wakefield and Bell.

12                                           m1(14/8/136)Huldah Willet(1712-1736) d of his partner, s of Susanna w of John Barclay F Barclays Bank

123 John Wakefield (1738-1738)                    123 Elizabeth Wakefield (1741- )

123 Joseph Wakefield (Inherited his fathers Irish property)(1744-1821)               m1 (1766) Hannah Christy (1748-1779) d of Thomas Christy of Moyallan Wealthy Quaker Ulster linen Draper and North Carolina land owner

1234 Isabella Wakefield (18/5/1768- ) m (1785) John Nicholson Quaker of County Down, they had 16 children with Alexander the third

12345 Dr Alexander Nicholson (1793-   ) m (1820) Clara Hogg of Lisburn sister of Sir James Weir Hogg bt of The East India Company

123456 Mary Nicholson (1821-   ) m     Maxwell

123456 Brig-Gen John Nicholson (11/12/1822-23/9/1857) Soldier and Administrator, Hero of Delhi where killed in the Indian Mutiny

He was Deputy Commisioner of Peshawar in 1857 with cousin George Edward Wakefield (1831-1892) as an assistant.

123456 Alexander Nicholson (1824-3/11/1842) Killed in 1st Afghan War in Khyber Pass during second withdrawal from Kabul

123456 Lily Nicholson (1826-1862 ) m 1856 Rev John Seymour

123456 James Nicholson (1827-1840) died at 13

123456 William Nicholson (1828-1849) murdered ? in India

123456 Captain Charles Nicholson (1831 -1862 ) lost an arm  in the assault on Delhi 1857, died in India 1862

1234 Edward Wakefield (1769-1819)            Mary Christy Wakefield (1770-1825)             Thomas Christy Wakefield (1772-1861)

1234 Hannah Wakefield (1773-1847)            Hulda Wakefield (1774-1843)                          Elizabeth Wakefield (1776-1854)

123                                                                                                                       m2 Anna Doyle

1234 Joseph Wakefield (1782-   )                     Henry Wakefield (1783-   )                               Susanna Wakefield (1784 – )

1234 John Wakefield (1785-   )                        Anne Wakefield (1786-   )

12                                           m2 (29/10/1748) Isabella Gibbon (1724-5/3/1789)

1              d of David Gibbon of Ratcliff Middx (Distant relative of the historian Edward Gibbon)


123 Edward Wakefield (3/6/1749-1826) of Tottenham, London merchant in Gresham St

123                                         m(3/1/1771London) Priscilla Bell (20/9/1750-12/9/1832) authoress and botanist Priscilla Wakefield(DoNB1909)

See separate document‘The Barclays and The Quaker Connections of Priscilla Wakefield for the family of Priscilla Bell

Priscilla Wakefield c1830


1234 Isabella Wakefield (1772?-1841) m Joshua Head  1765-1817  Brewer Ipswich    11 children?

12345 Alfred Head (1797-  )m Ellen Cooper

12345 Lucy Anne Head (1803-  )m1843  Rev Vincent John Stanton(1817-1891) the first colonial chaplain of Hong Kong,1843

           Kidnapped  1840 in 1st  Opium War-  The Opium Wars Hanes & Sanello (fictionalised in China Song By Elizabeth Lane)

1234 Edward Wakefield (29/7/1774-18/5/1854)  of Bunham Hall Essex   Farmer Philanthropist, author, statistician(DoNB1909)

                                Author  An account of Ireland Statistical and Political  1812

1234                                       m1 (3/10/1791St Dunstan London) Susanna Crash  (15/11/1767- Fb1816Slisbury) of  Felstead Essex

  • Bastard? daughter of Robert Crash or Crush and Mary Gallifant of Felsted Essex ?

See below for descendants of Edward Wakefield & Susanna Crash

  • m2 (British Embassy ChapelParis1824) Frances Davies (prime mover in the EGWakefield-Turner abduction?)

123                         d. of David Davies headmaster of Macclesfield Grammar School

12345 Fanny Wakefield (1819?- )

12345 Laura Wakefield (1821?-  )m David Jones

123456 Laura Arderne                                       123456 David Arderne

1234 Daniel Wakefield (1776-1846) Barrister, Magistrate Deputy-Lieutenant Berkshire writer on political economy    (DoNB1909)

 m1 1805 Isabel Mackie ( -suicide1813)  m2 Elizabeth Kilgour

123 Isabella Wakefield (1752-17/11/1769) m10/4/1769 Silvanus Bevan  (1743-1830) prtnr Barclays, gson of David Barclay(1682- 1723)




Descendants of  Edward Wakefield (1774-1854) & Susanna Crash                                                        W1.3

12345 Catherine Gurney Wakefield (1793-1873)m Rev Charles Martin Torlesse (Vicar of Stoke Nayland Suffolk)                 2s7d

123456 Charles Torelesse (1825-1866) emigrated NZ 1841 surveyor ‘Torelesse Range in NZ’m Alicia Townsend                 1s2d

123456 Rev Henry Torlesse emigrated NZ, Curate of Governor’s Bay and Little River m Elizabeth Henrietta Revell

12345 Edward Gibbon Wakefield ‘The Coloniser’ author ‘A letter from Sidney’ emig NZ (1796-1862) (DoNB1909)

12345                                    m1 Eliza Pattle (1799-1820) (GreatAunt of Sir James Brooke of Sarawak)

123456 Susan Priscilla (Nina)Wakefield (1817-12/2/1835) born Piedmont Italy died Lisbon Portugal

123456 Edward Jerningham Wakefield (1820-1879) (Emigrated NZ 1839 on the Tory)(DoNB1909)m 3/10/1863 Ellen Roe (2daughters)

1234567 Ellen Nina Wakefield m  C O’Connor

12345678 Irma O’Connor (authoress Edward Gibbon Wakefield p 1928)

1234567 Lillian Priscilla Wakefield

12345                                     m2 18/3/1826 annulled1827 Ellen Turner after abducting her from boarding school

12345 Daniel Bell Wakefield (1798-1858)  (emig to NZ) m1(1824)  Selina de Burgh ( -1830)

12345                                    m2 (1835) Angela Attwood d of Thomas Attwood(1783-1859) of the Chartist movement

123456 Charles Marcus Wakefield (1839-1902) m Annette S Collis

1234567 Angela Wakefield(1874-    )Born in NZ         Annette Wakefield (1876-   )Born in NZ

1234567 Captain Edward Marcus Wakefield ( 1877-    )m  Edith Miriam Andre

12345678 Captain Edward Roger Wakefield (died 3rd June 1944 Special Service Brigade buried Belgrade War Cemetry)

12345678 Priscilla Wakefield MBE (1908-2007) m          Mitchell ( Priscilla Mitchell Totnes philanthropist and founder Wakefield Trust 1994)

123456 Alice Mary Wakefield

J H Wakefield 1862

12345 Captain Arthur Wakefield RN (1799-1843) At burning Washington 1814Killed by Maoris in the ‘Wairau massacre’(DoNB1909)

12345 Col William Hayward Wakefield (1801-1848)(Col 1st Lancers British Legion in the Carlist Wars)(Prominent in NZ) (DoNB1909)

12345     m Emily Shelly-Sidney d of Sir John of Penhurst Place half brother of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley

123456 Emily Charlotte Sidney Wakefield (1827-1857)m 1846WellingtonNZ    Sir Edward Stafford premier of NZ


12345 Lt Col John Howard Wakefield (Indian Army, First cantonment magistrate Lahore)(2/6/1803-25/2/1862Islington)

12345                                    m(9/1/1832Bareeilly ) Maria Suffolk (July1814 Hingoree?  Bushahr Himanchal Pradesh – 8/8/1852Lahore)

Maria Suffolk is Christening name she was originally Rajput Indian and ward of Kehar Singh, 53rd Rana of Kumharsain 1815-39

 1234      d of Kheru-Jumnu  (Hereditary Wazir of  Bushahr) killed in revolt (and Jumnoo?).                  

See below for descendants of John Howard Wakefield & Maria Suffolk

12345 Felix Wakefield (1807-1875)Civil & military engineer Tasmania and The Crimea War(DoNB1909)

m 1831 Marie Felice Buillie of Blois France  nine children including

123456 Edward Wakefield (1845-1924) Tasmanian & NZ MP m Agnes Hall d of Sir John Hall NZ politician & author

1234567 Grace Wakefield (1880-1972) m Thomas Bragg(1877-1943) Surgeon & medical missionary to China

12345678 Agnes Bragg (1907-1999) m Kenneth Buxton Surgeon & medical missionary to Africa (5th cousins See ‘Quakers’)

123456789 Angela Buxton m Simon Kendal of Cumbers Liss Hampshire

Maria Suffolk


12345 Percy Wakefield (1810-1831? ) unmarried

12345 Priscilla Susannah Wakefield (1812- 1887)   went to India to teach  m(28/11/1836Mirzapore) Henry Chapman(1797-1854)

Assist.Surgeon EIC son of Abel Chapman (1752-1849) of Woodford  & Rebecca Bell   sister of  Priscilla Bell (1750-1832)

Wrote as Priscilla Chapman (1839) Hindoo Female Education. London: Seeley & Burnside  micropublished in History of Women series in 1975

123456 Henry Howard Chapman (25/1/1838Calcutta- 1863India )

123456 General Sir Edward Francis Chapman KCB (14/11/1840-12/5/1926) m1886  Georgiana Charlotte Clive Bayley

123456 Joseph Gurney Chapman(24/5/1842-)

123456 Emily Priscilla Rebecca Chapman (1842Calcutta-  )

123456 Sir Arthur Wakefield Chapman (1849Calcutta- 1901Pose) m Agnes Mangles

123456 Reginald Corrie Chapman (23/2/1851-   )

123456 Cecil Maurice Chapman JP (24/6/1852-   ) m1 Adeline Mary Chapman d of David Barclay Chapman

123456 Hugh Boswell Chapman (1853- )

123456 Helen Jessie Chapman (1854Calcutta-11941) m Lt Col Hugh Leonard Acland-Troyte


Descendants of Lt Col John Howard Wakefield (1803-1862) & Maria Suffolk


123456 George Edward Wakefield(East India Company Deputy Commissioner Ludhiania, Punjab )(23/08/1831-1892)

123456                                  m(1)14/12/1850 Islington   Eliza Bastard Carter (d 31/5/1871Jhung Punjab)

       Memorial inscription, All Saints’, West Alvington, Devon  widow, Charles Henry Sells(12 Oct 1817 – 1849)

12345                    ygst d Nicholas Carter  of Alvington Devon m1809Slapton Devon    Agnes Bastard of Gerston Manor West Alvington

See Dictionary_of Landed Gentry of GB & I PtI 1862  p93Bastard

1234567 Howard Edward Wakefield  (13/10/1857-   )(Deputy Commissioner in the Punjab) m Frances Reeves

1234567 Maria Agnes Wakefield (1859-1882,cholera) m(1878 Bengal) Colonel John William Edward Angelo (son of General Angelo)

12345678 Violet Angelo(1879Ludhiana-1960Aldershot)

1234567 Percy John Gay Wakefield  (Civil engineer in Egypt)(1863 )m

123456                                  m(2) 20/3/1872  Bareilly  Adelaide Ruth Allsop (1854? -1927?)

12345    d of George Allsop (Catholic from Dublin)  m7/10/1826Cawnpore  Mary Ann Campbell (from Cork)

   See below for the family of George Allsop and Mary Ann Campbell

See below for descendants of George Edward Wakefield and  Adelaide Ruth Allsop

123456 Maria Priscilla Wakefield (4/12/1833-1880) m 4/12/1852Lahore

Maj-Gen George Fullerton-Carnegie Bengal Army (13/2/1826Edinburgh -1898 )  1844  Lt 44th NI Bengal

Eldest s of George Fullerton-Carnegie, Esq, of Pittarrow m Madeline Connell

1234567 George FC (29June 1854Lahore -8Mar1884)              Entry in The Peerage& Baronetage of the British Empire 1861   p532

1234567 Lucy Josephine Mary FC (1857-)

1234567 Madeline Lilla FC (5 Jan 1860 Bonn -1908) Christening: 9/3/1860 British Chaplaincy, Bonn

m1 1881 Baron Henri Denaint(- 1886)  of Paris France m2 1889  Baron Marcel Denaint

1234567 Howard James FC (26/12/1861England -1900) captain 15th Lancers  Prussian army

m 26/9/1896 Frankfurt   Baroness Eva Von Der Goltz (1875-1950) d of F Marsh Baron Colmar V D G  of  Brandenburg,

1234567 Priscilla Marie Hope Connell FC 8Jan1864 Futtehghur   d of Major FC SC

1234567 Edward Hugo Wakefield FC OBE (12/9/1870 Bengal Presidency India – 1955)

m 1893 Emilie Prage d of Anton Prage of Uruguay

12345678 George David Howard FC (1894-   ) m Marjorie Lacey (3 children)            Lt James Edward FC Black Watch  (1899-27/6/1942)

123456 Lucy Catherine Wakefield (5/08/1838-1880)  Born In camp, on the Cugger river, the lady of Lieut. Wakefield, 17th N.I., surveyor of that river

m4/7/1863Kensington  Hugo von Radolin (Radolinski,before1888), Prince Radolin 1841-1917 of Poznan Poland

Diplomat, Agent of Bismark  Private Secretary to the Kaiser Wilhelm II  German Ambassador to France to 1910

m2  Princess Marie of Oppersdorff

1234567 Alfred Bernhard Johannes Howard Gurney Leszczyc, Graf von Radolin (18.4/1864Jarocin-13/2/1910Wiesbaden)

m  Alexandrine Jenny Marie Elisabeth, Gräfin von Königsmarck

12345678 Wilhelm Johannes-Hugo Alfred Julius Alexander Leszczyc Fürst von Radolin  (28/8/1894Berlin-25/12/1965Tegernsee)

mWeimar   Eva Jenny Clara Amalie Grafin von Wedel

123456789 Princess Maria von Radolin   (27 Apr 1920, Berlin – )

123456789 Princess Cecilie von Radolin  (26 Feb 1922, Poznan Poland – )            Poznan/Posen is the home of the Radolins/Radolinskis

123456789 Count Wilhelm von Radolin  (23 Jun 1925, Poznan Poland – )

123456789 Count Hugo von Radolin  (26 Feb 1927, Poznan Poland – )

12345678 Lucy Charlotte Elisabeth Josephine Eleonore, Gräfin von Radolin  (28/8/1894Berlin-   )

1234567 Lucy Josephine Julie (21/6/1872-1965 )

m Karl Maria, Graf von Moy de Sons

12345678 Hugo Carl Maria, Graf von Moy de Sons  (25/11/1900Wien-4/6/1938Steinhem Westfalen

12345678 Johannes Ernst Maria, Graf von Moy de Sons (12/7/1902Reichenau Wien-10/5/1995Anif

123456 Julia Maria Wakefield (17/12/1845Cawnpore-1892) m 27/12/1864 Futtehgurh Bengal  as 2nd wife

Sir William Tyrrell MP   Hon’bl MrJustice Tyrell, C.S, from 1887 to 1891in  High Court of Judicature at Allahabad

Julia went to Germany to take charge of the Radolinski household after the death of her sister Lucy in 1880

1234567 Sir William George Tyrrell CB, KCMG, KCVO, GCMG, KCB, PC, GCB, Baron, Lord Tyrrell of Avon (1866-1947) “b India, grandson of an Indian princess, brought-up in the household of his uncle, the distinguished Prussian diplomat Prince Hugo von Radolin

 ed U of Bonn and Balliol Oxford. Perm U Sec Forgn & Comm Off.1925-8, Ambassador Paris 1928-34 Chairman B Council 1934-7 etc” His chapter in The Paris Embassy by Cynthia Gladwyn has some family history.                        m Margaret Anne Urquhart

12345678 Hon Harriette Anne Mary Tyrrell m1(1930Paris)  Sir Adrian Holman m2(1934)  Capt Jack Crawshaw

first British bride to be married in Notre Dame de Paris in 372 years since Mary Queen of Scots

12345678 Hon Margaret Julia Tyrrell ( -1925)  m1923 Ronald Renton

12345678 Lt Hugo William Louis Tyrrell RN (1891-31/01/1918WWI) HM SubmarineK17 rammed by HMS Fearless ex  EC1 Firth Forth

12345678 2ndLt Francis Chichester Tyrrell(1893?-16/2/1915WWI) Bethune 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards



George Edward Wakefield
Adelaide Ruth Allsop





Descendants of

George Edward Wakefield (1831-1892)


Adelaide Ruth Allsop (1853-1927)




Wakefield Family 1888
Wakefield Family 1901













1234567 George Edward Campbell Wakefield CIE OBE(50Yrs Service in India)(1873-1944)m Minnie Caroline Keelan (1878-1948)

12345678 Ruth Wakefield(1903-1972)mMaj-Gen Sir Millis Jefferis KCB MC RE)(1899-1963) (See Churchill WWII Vol.1,2,3&4 many ref

123456789 Maj David Jefferis RE (1928- ) m Monique Ziegler (French)           & Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare – Milton)

123456789 Jeremy Jefferis (1932-   )

123456789 John Jefferis (1934- ) m Jennifer Venus

12345678 Col Alan Wakefield of Deccan Horse m Vera Burton

123456789 Paul Alan Campbell Wakefield (of Barcelona) m1 Charmain……………..      m2 Rosie ………………….

1234567890 (1)Fiona Caroline Elizabeth Wakefield( -2006) m (1983) d 1999John Stafford Northcote, 5th Earl of Iddesleigh

12345678901 Hon Thomas Stafford Northcote Viscount St Cyres (1985- ) & Hon Elizabeth Rose Adele Northcote (1989-  )

1234567890 (1)Robert, Julian, Justin,   (2)Paul, Isobel

123456789 Michael Wakefield

123456789 Mark Wakefield m1 Sheila Lewis  m2 Jane Ripley  m3 Tina

1234567890  (1)Clare, Ian   (2) Robin

123456789 Penelope Wakefield (Edmonton Canada) m Mike Slovak

1234567890 James Wakefield

123456789 Robin Wakefield (drowned)

123456789 Sarah Wakefield m Ian Fyfe

12345678 Col John Howard Wakefield (Poona Horse,19th Lancer Pakistan after 1951) Queen’s Messenger (1908-  )m1 Joan Thompson

123456789 Timothy Millis Wakefield (1939-   ) m Virginia Coutts-Trotter

1234567890 Robert Wakefield Primary teacher Walthamstow (1962- ) +  Cathy Allen

12345678901 Rosie (1996- )                                                             12345678901 Lily (1998- )

1234567890 Emma Wakefield  (IT Sydney Aus ) (1964- ) + Francois Pembrun from the Pyrenees

12345678901 Oliver Pembrun (2000- )

1234567890 Lucinda Wakefield librarian Sheffield Uni (1966-   ) m Gordon Jelly

12345678901 Ciaran Wakefield (2000-   )

1234567890 Timothy Christopher Fred Wakefield (1969- )

12345678 Major George Colin Wakefield (killed WWII   11/02/1942   3rdBn 16th Punjab Rgt listed Singapore Memorial)m Ivy Henrietta

1234567890 Anthea Wakefield m                   Bell

12345678 Syed Tariq Hussain son of GECW and Malka Pukhraj (1912?-2004)Singer and dancer at Court of Maharaja of Kashmir (1921?-1931?)(Song Sung True a memoir- Malka Pukrhraj pub2003)


1234567 Rachel Ada Wakefield m William Davidson (Indian Railways died young of plague)

12345678 Lt Edward Ian Davidson  (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders PoW WW1)

12345678 Andrew Davidson


1234567 Lucy Muriel May Wakefield (never married, fiancee, Charles Henry Ryall, a railways superintendent of police, snatched from his coach by lions in Kenya June 6 1900 and dragged to his death in the Nyika (see Man-eaters of Tsavo- Paterson)).


1234567 Lt Arthur Gibbon Wakefield (killed rescuing wounded, Thal 3rd Afghan War 28 May1919)

m (13Dec1908 Lahore Cathedral) Gladys Sprot Gibson

12345678 Helen Priscilla Wakefield m Joseph Lawrence Clague

123456789 Priscilla Ann Clague

123456789 William (Bill) Wakefield Lawrence Clague.m Leslie Ruth Gaines (US descndnt Laura Secord Canadian hero of war of 1812)

1234567890 Christopher Wakefield Clague dcd,         Bernadette Helen Clague.dcd             Laura Priscilla Anne Clague.

12345678 Major Edward Gibbon Wakefield (student WBS killed WWII 28/06/1943 age 43 5th Bn 9th Jat Regt buried Chittagong)

12345678 Captain John Howard Wakefield (student WBS killed WWII  18/04/1943 5th Bn 1st Punjab Rgt listed Rangoon Memorial )


1234567 Norah Wakefield (died 17 of appendicitis)


1234567 Violet Mary (1879-1947) m Owen Chilton Goodenough Hayter (1876-1961) (Indian Police mostly in Ahmednagar)                W1.5b

12345678 Capt John (Jack) Owen Goodenough Hayter RM (killed 31Mar1941 on HMS Bonaventure off Crete WWII)

m 1931 Emma Eugenie Masson (1906-1959) living  Littleham Exmouth 1941

123456789 Susan Hayter(1933- ) m Brian Mayall (1932- ) (Peterhouse Catanb, Cancer Specialist Livermore California)

                Susan’s wartime childhood in Budleigh Salterton is described in her book ‘All the Pennies in the World’ published 2017

1234567890 William John Mayall m Terri Munk  children  Sabra (m Gabe Reyes  children Gemma & Enzo)  & Tess

1234567890 ChristineMayall m Tom Eric Stanton child Dylan

1234567890 Kathryn Mayall m Jorst Henkens(dcd)  children Emma, Johan & Pieter

1234567890 Alice Mayall m&d  Daryl Carlson children Sarah, Hannah & Owen

123456789 Howard Hayter m Elizabeth Turton (lives Crowden Mill North Lew N Devon)

1234567890 John Richard Goodenough Hayter + Debbie Williams  children James & Owen

1234567890 Clare Frances Hayter m Gp Capt Clive Bairstow children  Charlotte Katie & Hannah

1234567890 Adrian William Goodenough Hayter m Liz Malarky children Joseph & Annie

123456789 Richard Hayter(lives Budleigh Salterton 2016) m Jill

1234567890 David Hayter

1234567890 Alistair Goodenough Hayter (living Greenway Budleigh Salterton 2016) m Claire  children   Skyla, Dexter, Lennie, Herb

123456789 Sarah Hayter (1940-1984) m Jorgen Ehler     ch     Thomas   Kitty

12345678 Marjery Hayter (1905 Mussourie- )  m George Murray Bryson

123456789 Rosemary Bryson (m1965  John Frederick MacMullen see descendants GEL Carter for offspring etc)

12345678 Henry James Goodenough Hayter (1907-1983)  (actor/film star IMDb listing)

m1 1934 d 1947 Marjorie Wolkenberg  actress Marjorie Lane  (0 ch)  m2 Mary Elizabeth Rose Shaw ( 8ch)

123456789 Michael David Hayter (adopted) m Katrina Varney

1234567890 Jay Hayter                                                     Debbie Hayter                                     Lloyd Hayter

123456789 Elizabeth Rose Hayter m Angel Ema Diaz

1234567890 Kely Ema m                                                  Yuma Ema m                                       Angel Ema

123456789 Timothy Owen Goodenough Hayter m Gloria England

1234567890 Russell James Goodenough Hayter          Paul Louis Goodenough Hayter       Sheldon Hayter (adopted)

123456789 Caroline Margaret Hayter m 1. Barry Eaton 2. Robert Freestone

1234567890 Charity Rose Wakefield Eaton  (1981- ) (Actress Charity Wakefield IMDb listing)      Olivia Freestone

123456789 Jonathan James Goodenough Hayter m Pam Goacher

1234567890 Samantha Hayter (adopted)                       Harry Owen Goodenough Hayter   Jack Edward Goodenough Hayter

123456789 Jeremy Francis Goodenough Hayter

123456789 Judith Ann Hayter m Martin Johnson (actor)

1234567890 Thomas Llywelyn Johnson (student at Wimbledon School of Art)

123456789 Robin William Goodenough Hayter (actor film maker etc  IMDb listing)

12345678 Janet Mary Wakefield Hayter (4.3.1910 Ahmedahad India) m1John Duncan Logie w2 Michael Holmes

123456789 Prudence Mary Miles Logie (7.9.1934) m1 Hosny El Shatoury

1234567890 Nancy El Shatoury m Mark Raynbird                     Joseph El Shatoury              Adam El Shatoury

123456789 Jean Hayter Logie (10.5.36-1964) m Toel Trier

123456789 Mary Elizabeth Logie (Maria Isabel Suffolk from 1980) (18.5.1941-16?.6.2005) m1964 Peter James Wildblood

1234567890 Sean Andrew Gavin Wildblood (12.12.1964)        Angus Jeremy Ross Wildblood (13.5.1966)

123456789 Theodora Holmes (2.4.1956)

12345678 Francis Goodenough Hayter (1915-2002) (WWII Sqn Ldr when Best man to his cousin JELCarter)  m Zoe lives Falmouth 2016


1234567 John (Jack) Gurney Wakefield (   -1958 Gaya India) (Agent Maharajah of Tikari) m1914 Queenie Horrocks-Murphy

12345678 Colonel John Felix Wakefield (1916Bihar-2010  ) (Student WBS)(Resident Director of the Jungle Lodges, Kabini 2002)

                Biography in After The Raj  by Hugh Purcell  p Sutton2008 ISBN978 0 7509 4786 2          m1 1946 Betsy Rawlinson

m(also)(muslim ceremony)  1972Dehra Dun   Ram Kali Devi      Rani and widow of Maharajah Kumar Singh of  Tikari

123456789 Sarah (Sally) Bernadette Anne (Madras 1946) m (1969)  Richard Lee Napp

1234567890  Anna Scott (Cyprus 1971) m Andrew Nicholas Davis (1999)

12345678901 Alistair Scott (London 2003)   Aidan Michael (Edinburgh 2005)

1234567890 James Richard (Germany 1975) m Lisa Louise Netherton (2007)

12345678901  Sophie Rose (Bath 2009)

1234567890 Mark Edward (Germany 1978) m Lindsey Harrison (2004)

12345678901  Claudia Lindsey (London 2006)   Oliver Mark (London 2008)

123456789 Jacqueline Angela Katherine (Ranchi 1948) m (1970) Anthony John Lord

1234567890  Clare Louise (Havant 1971)

12345678 Zoe Adelaide (Gaya 1919-1971)

12345678 Arthur Gurney (Gaya 1920-2006)

12345678 Sheila Joan (Gaya 1926) m Calvin Conklin

123456789 Jo-anne,  Calvin (Wake),  Zoe,   Mary,   Kelly,  Shawn


1234567 Ivy Octavia Mary Wakefield(1885-1967)

1234567                m1914  George Edward Lovelace Carter ICS(1886-1974)

        See Carter Family Tree for ancestry and descendants of George Edward Lovelace Carter


1234567 Una Wakefield m Ken Peddie (Indian Railways) Came to Budleigh in late 30’s on City of Benares (later sunk 17/9/40 with evacuee children on way to Canada)

12345678 Ian Peddie (emigrated Canada) m Joan

123456789 David Peddie        Jocelyn Peddie



The  family of George Allsop and Mary Ann Campbell ?                                                                        W1.6


12345 George Allsop (catholic from Dublin) m7/10/1826Cawnpore   Mary Anne Cambell (from Cork)    Groom Gnr Art     

123456 John William Allsop (22/1/1829Mhow WBengal  -1833)                                            Father  Sgt, Pioneers                                               

123456 Elizabeth Allsop   (12/12/1831Mhow WBengal)                                                           Father Sgt., 5th Pioneers

123456 Louisa Caroline Allsop (3/5/1834Mhow WBengal-1836Agra )                                  Father QMS., 36th N.I

123456 Rebecca Allsop (19/3/1837Agra WBengal      )     christened 30/4/1837 Agra         Father Sgt-Maj., 36th N.I

123456 Mary Allsop (19/3/1837Agra WBengal      )     christened 30/4/1837 Agra

123456 Rachel Allsop (24/8/1840 Jumalpore-   )        never married  (Hayter Wed Aunt)

123456 James George Whittlesea Allsop (11/5/1842-   ) Punjab Police christened 27/6/1843 DumDum WBengal   m Mary

Joined police as asst dist supt Nov 1860  Dist Supt July 1880 rtd. May 1901

1234567 Mary Elisa Allsop (18/5/1880   m Dick Brookes (a sugar planter in Cuba up to the revolution.)

1234567 Hon Sir James Joseph Whittlesea Allsop ICS (1887- m1913  Jessica  Annie Delmerick

High Court judge Oudh 1933-35 Allahabad 1935-47  obit ‘Times’ 31/8/1963   NYHon1945

1234567 Ethel Allsop

1234567 Edward  Allsop m Roseanna    (Rose Anna)  possibly the Rose Allsop who witnessed Adelaide Ruth Allsop’s wedding?

12345678 Annie (29/6/1871Agra WBengal    ) christened 16/7/1871Agra

12345678 John Michael Allsop  (12/10/1873Agra WBengal   )     christened 14/10/1873Agra

12345678 William John Allsop (12/10/1873Agra WBengal   )  christened30/10/1873Agra

123456 Aloysius Allsop m  Georganna  (Georgina)  Italian?     Aloysius parentage not given on LDS site (Hayter Wed)

1234567 Sydney Hasel Cecilia Allsop  (13/9/1892-     )   christened Rawalpindi WBengal   (Hayter Wed)

1234567 Walda Mona Cecilia Allsop (7/1/1896   )    christened Rawapindi WBengal  (Hayter Wed)

1234567    x Allsop

123456 Adelaide Ruth Allsop (abt 1853-1927)    m1872  George Edward Wakefield

123456 Octavia Mary Allsop (26/11/1860Meerut- ) chris 25/12/1860Meerut  never married Great Aunt Octo, lived past 1944