THE ROCHFORDS                                                               R1


1Thomas Rochford  of St Thomas Barbados in1715 census as Rackford

1                 m Elizabeth. 

12.Eleanor  Rochford, (c1705-  ) m 20/11/1729Barbados. John Halstead      5 children

12.Hester Rochford, (c1709-   ) .m 17/8/1732 Barbados Thomas Robertson      1child

12 Thomasine Rochford(c1713-c1755).m 21/2/1736? Barbados Henry Alstead      2 children

12 Thomas Rochford,(c1716-17/5/1747Barbados).

12              m24/5/1738St Thomas Barbados Judith Sadlier (c1714-31/1/1759Barbados).

123 Barbara Rochford, (May1739Barbados-29/9/1739)

123 Thomas Rochford, (19/12/1742Barbados-c1785Barbados).

123            m1 13/2/1768 Barbados  Tomasine Tull, (3/7/1748Barbados-30/11/1780Barbados)

12                                 d of John Tull & Mary Walke.  

1234 Nathaniel Rochford, (c1768-c1803)      m1 1/9/1791 Barbados  Martha Barker Stanton (   – 17/9/1801)

1234                                                                       m2 14/1/1802 Barbados Ann Worrel Stanton; (4/2/1774Barbados-   )

1234 Thomas Rochford, (c1770-c1820).

1234 John Rochford (c1771-9/9/1806, Parish of St. Lucy, Barbados)

1234          m 6/5/1802 St Peters Barbados  Margaret Gibbes (11/8/1782Barbados-14/9/1812Barbados)

123                               d of John Gibbes & Anne Mascoll.

12345 Ann Gibbes Rochford, (29/6/1803Barbados-1804Barbados)

12345 John Gibbes Rochford, (27/5/1806Barbados-1844 Barbados) Chief Clerk of His Majesty’s Customs & Excise in Trinidad

12345       m 26/2/1827 Trinity Cathedral PoS Deborah Thornhill(15/10/1809Trinidad-18/6/1847) patientof Robert Hartle MD

1234                            d of  William Thornhill & Rebecca Simmon

123456 John Gibbes Rochford,(c1828-   ).

123456 William Gibbes Rochford,(22/8/1829Trinidad -c1861) m 29/4/1853 Emily Louise Hart      2 children

123456 Margaret Ann Rochford, (1831-1850) m 1848 Archbald Munro Pasea     3 children

123456.Joseph Henry Rochford, (28/6/1833PoS-27/12/1835PoS)

123456 Charles Arthur Rochford, (31/12/1834-  )

123456 John Redwar Rochford, (22/9/1836PoS-22/6/1837PoS)

123456 Henrietta Elizabeth Rochford,(24/6/1838-19/8/1860) m 29/7/1858 Charles Frederick Ody Rooks

1234567 Ada Margaret Caroline Rooks, (1859-1941San FranciscoUSA) m. Hans Plath;(1852Germany-1943USA)

1234567 Charles John Rooks,(1860-1904) m 1890 Louisa Agnes Pouchet (1858-1930) sister of Sophia Eliza Pouchet

12345678 Lillian Rooks m Stokely Doorly

12345678 Maud Eileen Rooks (1894-  )m Seymour Bonitto

12345678 Frank Rooks

12345678 Courtney Rooks m Tina Cavracillo 5 married children in Trinidad

12345678 Charles Robert (Jack) Rooks (1891-  )m Adela Knaggs 2 sons married in Canada

123456 Robert Cummins Rochford,(20/1/1840First East Street PoS-14,7/1896)

123456     m 1 29/12/1866 Clara Henrietta Pouchet (23/9/1846Trinidad-  ) sister of Sophia Eliza Pouchet

1234567 Clara Henrietta Rochford (12/10/1867-8/11/1867)

123456     m2  Sophia Eliza Pouchet (28/12/1848Trinidad-12/1/1925)

        See below for descendants of Robert Cummins Rochford & Sophia Eliza Pouchet

        See separate table for ancestry and family of  Sophia Eliza Pouchet

1234 Thomasin Rochford, (c1774-30/11/1780)

1234 Mary Rochford, (c1776-  ) m24/12/1791Barbados  Robert Butler-

1234 Margaret Rochford (c1778-   ) m 20/9/1804 Barbados John Redwar s of John Redwar & Margaret Tull.   3 children

123            m2 13/7/1782 in Christchurch, Barbados Patience Rudder.

123 Hellena Rochford, (c1745-   ).


Descendants of Robert Cummins Rochford and Sophia Eliza Pouchet                                                                  R2

1234567 Henrietta Emily Rochford (12/7/1880Trinidad-      )

1234567   m James Patrick Mathison

                   See Mathison family tree for descendants of  Henrietta Rochford and  ancestry of James Mathison

  1. Dorothy Agnes Rochford, (11/10/1882Trinidad-11/8/1962Trinidad)m1906 William Steadman Archer

12345678 William Steadman Archer(1907Dominica-1957Trinidad)m1931Dominica  Constance Gwendolyn Davis(1906-1989)

123456789 David Steadman Archer(18/10/1932England-   ) m Francis Parry Williams    2 children

123456789 Marion Steadman Archer (27/4/1934    ) m6/8/1960England Peter Harris(1935-  )

1234567890 Christopher Patrick Steadman Harris (8/5/1961- )m Helen Anne Thompson

1234567890 Susannah Katharine Mure Harris (28/3/1964-   )

12345678 Julian Steadman Archer(1909Dominica-1936Canada)

12345678 Hunter Steadman Archer(1911Dominica-  ) m Marie Louise Almandoz

123456789 Catherine Archer

123456789 William Steadman Archer

123456789 Judith Archer

123456789 Mary Ann Archer m Heinz Bauer    3 children

123456789Joan Archer m Richard Gern            4 children

12345678 Dorothy Archer (1912-  )m Norman Lockhart

123456789 Keith Lockhart m1 Easlyn 2 children m2  Eileen

123456789 Patricia Lockhart m David Copp 2 children

123456789 Joan Lockhart m Robert Cassidy 3 children

123456789 Marion Lockhart m Steve Gonzales 3 children

123456789 Dorothy Lockhart m John Koorn  3 children

123456789 John Lockhart m Marie Ann Johnson

12345678 Hetty Archer (1914-   ) m John Knowlton

123456789 Hetty Knowlton m Haven Roosevelt 4 children

123456789 Johannah Knowlton

12345678 John Steadman Archer (1916Dominica-1976Trinidad) m Kathleen Goellnight

123456789 John Steadman Archer m1 Susan Mary Homfray 1 child m2 Victoria Sally Jane Godier

123456789 Alison Joan Archer m Paul J Amass

123456789 Christine Mary Archer m Eamon Hughes 2 children

12345678 Joan Archer (1919-c1925)

1234567 Mildred Isabella Rochford,(15/11/1884PoS-  )m1916 Robert Brionnell Skinner

12345678 Robert Skinner (1917-  )  m1 Marge

123456789 Robert Skinner                                                                                123456789 John Skinner

123456789 Douglas Skinner

12345678                                              m2 Euget

123456789 Rosemary Skinner                                                                          123456789 Christopher Skinner

12345678 Johnny Skinner (1922-  )

12345678 Catherine Skinner (c1924-   )mGeoffrey Inglefield

12345678 FOJohn Skinner517sqdnRAFVR(  -2/10/1945WWII)m Daphne Gwendoline ???

12345678 Arthur Gridley Skinner (1919-  ) m Margaret Rochford neeRogers WWII widow of David George Rochford see below

1234567 John Robert Rochford MC (25/3/1886Trinidad-c1950) MC for gallantry as 2nd Lt 10th Bt, Royal Warwicks WWI

1234567 Lillian Maude Rochford, (15/9/1890Trinidad_       )

1234567 George William Rochford, (10/8/1893PoS-18/2/1950PoS)m1920 Evelyn Mary Bushe(1899PoS-1990PoS)

12345678 Flt Lt David George Rochford 618SqdnRAFVR(1921Trinidad-2/5/1945AustraliaWWII) m1943England Margaret Rogers

123456789 Wendy Margaret Rochford(8/91944-  )

12345678 Maude Evelyn Rochford (1922-  ) m Henry Clifford Pain

123456789 Barbara Anne Pain (1944-   )                                                       123456789 Sally Pain (1949-  )

123456789 Alison Elizabeth Pain (1952-  )                                                    123456789 Annette Mary Pain (1952-   )

12345678 Peter William Rochford (192PoS-1993PoS) m Elva Elaine Gomez

123456789 Margaret Mary Rochford (1950-  ) m Stephen Dalla Costa 2children

123456789 David Peter George Rochford (!956-  ) m Brigitte Domon  3 children

123456789 Michael Peter George Rochford (1957-  ) m Suzanne Maingot 3 children

123456789 Katherine Michelle Mary Rochford (1960-  )

123456789 Ann Mary Rochford (1962-  ) m Michael Da Costa 2 children m Richard Sydney Lambert 2 children

12345678 Alexander Hugh Rochford (1928PoS   ) m Sarah Kay Power

123456789 Sarah Margaret Evelyn Rochford (1958-  )

123456789 Helen Mary Elizabeth Rochford (1959-  ) m Martin Philip Llanos 2 children

123456789 Caroline Louise Rochford (8/8/1962 –  ) m30/4/1994Maraval Trinidad  Graham Maurice Rostant(1962-  )

1234567890 Nicholas Desmond Rostant (4/8/1995-  )                                1234567890 Alexander Graham Rostant (15/1/1998-  )

123456789 Fiona Alexandra Rochford (1968-  ) m Nigel Stephen Roffey 1child




123 Robert Hartle (     ). Army Surgeon of Irish pedigree

123            m.27/4/1775 St Lucy, Barbados  Ann Clark

1234 Dr Robert Hartle MD FRCSE  HM Deputy Inspector of Army Hospitals (16/10/1775-12/5/1860PoS)

Madame de Tetron

                                      Surgeon 68th Foot & 1st WI Regt  (see below for service1796-1831)

1234 m 2/12/1812 Trinity Cathedral PoS Eliza de Tetron  (-23/31847PortofSpainTrinidad)

123   d of M. & Madame Tetron

The de Tetron Family came to Trinidad from France c1789 as Catholic?refugees from revolution)

12345 Robert Teteron Hartle (c1812-20/8/1839)  m25/4/1837 Trinity Cathedral PoS. Frances Henrietta Bradshaw,

12345 John Francis Armitage Hartle,(c1816-  ) m Barbados Martha Christina Anderson  2children.

12345 Henrietta Anna Hartle,(c1820- 29/9/1873)

12345       m 19/1/1841 Trinity Cathedral PoS William Felix Henri Pouchet (18/6/1807Trinidad-26/12/1873)

123456 .Anna Josephine Pouchet, (16/4/1844PoS-1919).

123456 Clara Henrietta Pouchet (23/9/1846Trinidad-   ) m29/12/1866 Robert Cummins Rochford (see Rochford)

1234567 Clara Henrietta Rochford (12/10/1867-8/11/1867

123456 Sophia Eliza Pouchet (28/12/1848Trinidad-12/1/1925)

123456     m Robert Cummins Rochford

See Rochford Family Tree for descendants of Sophia Eliza Pouchet & Robert Cummins Rochford

123456 Mary Christine Pouchet, (16/5/1853PoS-8/9/1854PoS)

123456 Mary Anne Pouchet (1/2/1856 Trinidad-  ) m1879 Robert Scandella of the USA

1234567 Charles Scandella. m Nina Savery

12345678 Eric Scandella m girl from Bahamas 5 children

12345678 Darnley Scandella

12345678 Mamie Scandella

12345678 Daisy Scandella

1234567 Mamie Scandella.m An American

1234567 Emily Scandella. m Van Buren

123456 Louisa Agnes Pouchet (6/3/1858Trinidad-1930) m1890 Charles John Rooks (1860-1904) see Rochford family

123456 Emily Francis Pouchet, (8/12/1860Trinidad-1930)

123456 William Felix Hartle Pouchet (after1860-  )

1234 Mary Clark Hartle (  -22/1/1847Bridgetown, Barbados) m18/7/1799 St Peter Barbados John Willoughby  4 children

1234 Elizabeth Hartle. Baptism: October 21, 1782, Barbados

1234 Prudence Hartle.Baptism: October 21, 1782, Barbados.



Career of Robert Hartle

Obituary Robert Hartle MD & FRCS and Deputy Inspector General of the Medical Department of the Army.

Dr Hartle many years since retired from the Army, upon the usual allowance for his length of service, and settled in this Colony, where he practiced until within a short time of his death His public career was marked by zeal and skill.  When Yellow Fever was raging on board of H.M ship “Pyramus” (1821/2) baffling all the efforts made to trace its cause, Dr Hartle was the gentleman who, by the most minute inquiry, detected and removed the origin; for this he was offered Knighthood which he refused  (See The American Journal of The Medical Sciences 1853 p330-332)

This extract below is from the Durham Regiment of Foot Records (formerly 68th Foot)

“HARTLE Robert FRCS, born 16 October 1775;  Hospital Assistant 1December 1796;  Assistant-Surgeon 68th Foot 22 November 1801;(RLCarter has his commission dated22 October 1801 signed by Sir Thomas Trigge at Head Quarters Martinique). Surgeon 1st West India Regiment 25 February 1804;  Medical Staff 28 January 1813;  Brevet Deputy Inspector-General 6 March 1823; Deputy Inspector-General 22 July 1830;   Retired on half-pay 16 August 1831.   Served with 68th of Foot on the Expedition to St. Lucia in 1803, and accompanied the storming party of

Morne Fortunee.   Present at Dominica when the French attacked the islands of St. Thomas and St Croix in 1807, and Martinique in 1809,including the actions of 1st and 2nd February.   Also present at the capture of Guadeloupe in 1815.   After retiring from the army was in medical practice at Port of Spain, Trinidad.   Died at Port of Spain 12 May 1860, aged 84 years.”



Robert Hartle medal F
Robert Hartle Medal R


Robert Hartle  was awarded the Military General Service Medal with one clasp for Martinique (RLCarter has

this The inscription reads ROBT HERTLE SURG 1ST  W. I. REGT   The award of this medal was authorised in a General Order, 1st June 1847, and was issued in 1848 only to those who applied. The award took place 34 years after the last action it commemorated. Twenty nine clasps or bars were awarded for battles from 1801- 1814)) Served overseas, West Indies 1 December 1796 to 5 May 1800 and 2nd April 1801 to 15 June 1831.








From History of 68th Foot (later The Durham Light Infantry)

1800 The regiment again went to the West Indies   Second battalion raised 1/68th Martinique 2/68th Barbadoes and Dominica  Robert presumably joined 1st battalion   Mutiny of 8th West India Regiment suppressed by 2/68th

1802 – Battalions merged  1803 – Recapture of St. Lucia, Dominica

1806 – England  Robert presumably transferred to 1st  West India Regiment

From history 1st West India Regiment

Raised in 1795 as Whyte’s Regiment of Foot, Carolina Corp and Royal Rangers (Malcolm’s)  drafted into the regiment in 1796.

Battle Honours    “Dominica 1805”    “Martinique 1809”  “Guadeloupe 1810″   Early Campaigns and Civil Actions  Dominica (1805)  Danish Virgin Islands (1807)  Marie Galante (1808) – small island near Guadeloupe   Martinique (1809)   Guadeloupe (1810)   New Orleans (1814) Guadeloupe (1815)  Barbados (1816) British Guiana (1823)


The American Journal of The Medical Sciences 1853 p330-332   part

The Pyramus left English Harbour perfectly healthy on the 19th October for St. Kitts, where she remained until the 28th, when she sailed for French Harbour. A day or two prior to her arrival at the latter place, fever, of a most alarming type, made its appearance among the officers and crew. The sick were landed, and the ship sailed for Barbadoes; but the disease continued to prevail. A medical board was assembled in order to investigate the probable cause of the sickness. In the first part of their report, the board attributed the cause, in some measure, to the coal-tar with which she was injected, for they particularly observed the offensive effluvium arising from that substance mixing in the hold with the bilge-water. In the second paragraph, they remark that the ship lay thirty-four days, at different times, in English Harbour; and in the next, consider, with respect to the predisposing cause of the disease, that something must be attributed to the stay of the vessel in that harbour. The vessel, at the suggestion of the board, sailed from Barbadoes and cruised as far as 28° north; but, finding this avail nothing, and that the disease became more alarming, the captain hastened to English Harbour, wnere he arrived on the 3d of January, 1822. The crew was there landed, the ship emptied of her stores, shot, tanks, ballast, &c. On the opening of her hold, the effluvia which issued surpassed anything Dr. Hartle had ever witnessed, and affected every one exposed to its influence. The quantity of filth which was taken out was sufficient to fill four large mud-boats, consisting of shavings mixed with coal-tar and the water; which, in consequence of the choking of the pumps had accumulated under the limber-planks. All the cases which occurred during the process of expurgation were easily traced to exposure to this bog; and Dr. Hartle very justly refuses to refer the disease to the influence of English Harbour, inasmuch as other ships of the squadron that lay much longer there escaped the infection. It may not be amiss to remark that the sick of this ship were landed and placed in the capstern of Antigua dock-yard on the 15th of January; that between that day and ” the 30th, only eighteen cases occurred; but that on the 31st, six fresh attacks were added to the list, and the disease again appeared with increased violence and malignity.” Dr. Hartle adds: “This sudden reappearance and violence of the disease induced me to believe that the people had some communication with the ship, which was then undergoing a general expurgation. This, with a little trouble, I ascertained to be the case.” Changes were made in the distribution of the convalescents and the rest of the crew, and the disease was put a stop to completely. The crew re-embarked on the 14th of March in excellent health, and remained so.
As regards the transport above alluded to, the disease broke out on her passage from Barbadoes to English Harbour. The sick and all the troops on board were landed, and the vessel, after a partial cleansing, proceeded to St. Kitts; whence, having landed the stores and baggage, she returned to English Harbour. She then underwent a general purification, when a portion of the troops re-embarked and sailed for Grenada, where they arrived in
good health—the fever not having reappeared on board.  ”
It is a pleasing reflection,” adds Dr. Hartle, ” and a source of great gratification to me, that notwithstanding 147 cases of yellow fever, as distressing and malignant as any I before witnessed, have been by the three vessels imported into this island since September, 1821, we have not had a single instance of any individual but those directly exposed to the local causes being attacked.” Dr. Dickson, in a report to the Transport Board, alludes to the generation of the yellow fever in several vessels, the Blonde, Gloire, Star, Wanderer, and  particularly the Dart. The disease broke out on board Of the latter in April, 1807, and was satisfactorily traced to effluvia exhaling from offensive matter collected at the bottom of the water-tanks. “