The Mathison Ancestry and family of of Dorothy Isabel Mathison who married John Edward Lovelace Carter in 1943


Maj Kenneth Mathison 1862

 Bold Type are direct family of Wakefield Lovelace Carter of generation 10

Known by names are underlined if they are not first name

Throughout this document PoS = Port of Spain Trinidad

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123 Kenneth Mathison Born Skye 1750

123                         m Catherine Mackenzie

1234 Archibald Mathison

1234 Norman Mathison

1234 Major Kenneth Mathison b Skye 1790 arrived Trinidad 1808 moved Venezuela 1841 with most of his family d1866

1234   m1(Trinidad1809) Isabel Berries (-1854)

             claimed descent from second son of Don Antonio de Berrio (1520-1600?) 1st Spanish governor Trinidad 1592

12345 Charles Heyward Mathison m Dolores Urbaneja        eight children

12345 Catherine Mathison

James Buckley Mathison

12345 Isabel Mathison

12345 Alexander Mathison (-1846)

12345    m Margarita De Leon(-1838)

             descendant of Don Juan Ponce De Leon (1460-1521),  Sailed with Columbus on 2nd voyage, discovered Florida

Margarita and her sisters Elvira and Hercelia were the last descendants of Ponce De Leon to bear his name

123456 Alexander Faustino Mathison bTrinidad(1837-1914) Educated Lutherean College Germany

123456    m1868  Isabel Camilla Mathison  bVenezuela (1850-1935) (his First cousin See below)

See below for descendants of Alexander and Isabel Mathison.

12345 Marquirita Mathison

12345 James Buckley Mathison m (Venezuela June 1847 (Liz Carter has her wedding ring inscribed J B Mathison Junio 1847))

12345 Juanita Josela Alvarez    Family recent immigrants from Spain

123456 Isabel Camilla Mathison (b Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela 1850)m Alexander Faustino Mathison (her first cousin see above)

123456 Juan Mathison m ?

123456 James Buckley Mathison

123456 Maria Louisa Mathison

Juanita Alvarez

123456 Eduardo Mathison m ?      4 children

123456 Alberto Mathison m  ?   3 children

123456 Maria Louisa Mathison m Clarence Ross          3 children

123456 James Buckley Mathison

123456 Duncan Josef Mathison

12345 Emilia Mathison

12345 Louisa Mathison m Alexander Taylor           1 daughter

12345 Francisce Mathison

12345 Vincent Kenneth Mathison m Josefa Rodriguez         8 children

1234 m2 (Venezuela 1862) Aqueda Cierto (1839-1872)

12345 Tia Luisa Mathison (- 1940)( died during WWII although her father fought in Napoleonic Wars) m Juan Dulac

12345 Kenneth Mathison

12345 Belen Mathison

1234 Catherine Mathison m John Sampson

1234 Duncan Mathison

Descendants of Alexander Faustino Mathison & Isabel Camilla Mathison       


Alexander Faustino Mathison
Isabel Camilla Mathison


1234567 Margarita Mathison  (1869-1940) brought up Ken Taitt


1234567 Cecilia Mathison (1871-1897) m Alfred Taitt (English, warden of Couva) m2   10sons & 1 daughter by 2nd marriage

12345678 Kenneth Taitt (1897-1960) m(1927) Helene de Gannes

123456789 Helen Taitt (1928-  )m Cecil Quesnel

1234567890 Anne   Nicole   Lisa  Patricia  Frank

123456789 Dick Taitt (1929-  )

123456789 Lilias Taitt (1935-  ) m James Milne

1234567890 David Helene Bruce Frances  +   +

123456789 Gillian Taitt (1943-  ) m Glyn Jones

1234567890 Rachel      Gareth       Joanna


1234567 Juanna Josefa Mathison (Auntie Feta) (1873-1941)


1234567 Alexander Rupert Faustino Mathison (1874-1957) m 1935? Mercedes Ponce (1899-1970) from Venezuela

12345678 Mercy Mathison (1926-2017) m&d Tim Green

123456789 Stafford Green (1951-   ) m1 & d Rosine   from France

1234567890 Trevor Green    IT(Computer Systems)  Support East England

123456789 Rodney Alan Rupert Green  CBE (1953- ) Rtd CEO Leicester City Council,   Prior of The Order of St John. m Helen

1234567890 James Green  m Sally          teachers Leicester

12345678901 Hester (Dec2010- )     Martha (Feb2013-)

1234567890 Tom  Green    in the city  m April2013 Ruth

12345678901 Jack (2014- )  Joshua Leo Asher (2017-)

123456789 Hilary Anne Green (1958-  ) m Tim Naish   Dean of Ripon College Cuddeson Oxford

1234567890 Murray Naish   local government Rugby m Anna Lesley Clayton

12345678901 Arthur John Neville (17Jan2016 – )

1234567890 Dominic Naish  studying London

1234567890 Clemency Naish   graduate Brighton now in catering in Oxford

123456789 Howard Nigel Faustin Green (1961- ) propery developer & entrepeneur   Norwich m (7/7/84Cambridge) Anna

1234567890 Anandi Green m Dave Brennan         (Anandi is a Nepalese name)

12345678901 Aylah (Isla) Hope (July2015 – )

1234567890 Bethany Green   student Bristol


1234567 Isobel (1876-1910)


1234567 James Patrick Mathison(1878Venezuela-1958Trinidad)

1234567                                m Trinidad 1908  Henrietta Emily Rochford (1882-1968)

                                See separate table for ancestry and relationships of Henrietta Rochford


12345678 James Mathison died as an infant


12345678 Dorothy Isabel Carter (1913-1995) 

1234567                m1943  LtCol John Edward Lovelace Carter MBE MC RE (1916_1957)

123456789 John Mathison Lovelace Carter (26/2/1944_) (property Leeds) m1 1966 Lesley Yates_Fish (1947_)

Marjorie Dorothy & Patsy Mathison    Trinidad 1937

m2 1994 Sara Louise Clayton (13/12/57Yorks –  ) midwife/nurse

1234567890 John_Marc Lovelace Carter (111/10/1968_) (Defence research Hastings) m 2007Hastings  Nejla Wallace

12345678901 Troy Touran Carter (12/10/2004-  )  half brother of Talisin & Tristan

1234567890 Julia Frances Lovelace Carter (10/4/1970_) (Nurse) m18/7/1998 Yorkshire   Nicholas Davey( -2013)

12345678901 Christopher Andrew Davey (19/7/1997_)

12345678901Francesca Joanna Davey (18/4/1999_)

12345678901Beth Rachel Davey (10/8/2001-)

1234567890 Joanna Elizabeth Lovelace Carter (17/8/1972_) (Commercial Art, London) m1997 Headingley    William David Unwin

12345678901 Sofia Isabelle Unwin (10/6/2008-   )

1234567890 James Laurence Lovelace Carter (5/5/1976- ) (Computer Systems Leeds)mSwinton Park2010 Emily Jane Barnes

12345678901 Alexander John Lovelace Carter (22/7/2013-  )

123456789 Richard Wakefield Lovelace Carter (18/5/1946Exmouth_) (rtd   West Buckland School nr Barnstaple Devon)

123456789                           m(22/7/1967 Sevenoaks)Ursula Whitford  Poole (17/9/1943Watford_) (Counsellor and Psychotherapist)

12345678 d of Harry Poole (2/6/1912WA-18/12/2002Barnstaple) (Scientific Officer)

12345678m Mariel Whitford (24/3/1907WA-30/11/1996LeMuy,France) (both from Perth W Australia)

1234567890 Wakefield Lovelace Carter(26/3/1968Cambridge-)(Psychology Dept Oxford Brookes Univ)

1234567890                         m1(2/5/1999Wantage) div2013Emma Elizabeth Hanks (28/10/1971_) (Lab Manager Oxford Spires School)

123456789 d of Kenneth Albert Hanks (1944- ) (Administrator Radcliffe Hospital Oxford) mGillian Margaret Drayton(1947-1981)

12345678901 Finlay Thomas Lovelace Carter (22/1/2002Oxford-)   

12345678901 Freya Gillian Lovelace Carter (22/1/2004Oxford-)

1234567890                         m2(24/5/2015Gregynog) Megan Morys (18/3/1983Camarthen – ) Deputy director Research Oxford

123456789 d of Stephen Morris (18/12/1952Swansea )m1982Vivienne Beryl  (19/2/1951Coventry-  ) of Whitland Carmarthen

12345678901 Branwen Lovelace Morys (2/6/2016Oxford- )

1234567890 Duncan Lovelace Carter (22/7/1970Hemel Hempstead-) (Systems Support Unisys, Abingdon)

1234567890                         w Jayne Jenkins(‎ 9/05/1975 – 29 /6/2012) of Fishguard m 1997Alan Wilkes

12345678901 Niamh Joanne Wilkes (28/10/1995_) half sister of Lauren (1993-    ), Liam (1997-   ) & Michael (1999-   )

1234567890                        m (12/11/2005Abingdon) Clare Melbourne (19.01.1971Solihull-)

123456789 d of Peter Melbourne (1934-1977) (Sales executive Birmingham) m Margaret Porter (1935-   ) of Stafford

12345678901 Matilda Hope Lovelace Carter (22/10/2007Bath -)

12345678901 Jemima Rose Lovelace Carter (15/10/2010Bath – )

1234567890 Edward Lovelace Carter (26/6/1971Hemel Hempstead- ) (Retail Consultant Utrecht.)

1234567890                         m1 31/3/2001Landkey div Jan 2013 Judith Aurelia Perry  (21/2/73USA-)

123456789 d of Franklyn Perry & Marion Helz of East Aurora nr Buffalo NY USA

1234567890                         m2 27/12/2014Coldstream  Xuan  (Shemill) Liang

123456789 d of  Liang Kejian  (Ker – Gee‘En) (music teacher) and Junyun (Jun(e) – Yew’In) of Liuzhou China

12345678901 Aivy Lovelace Carter (23/9/2014Utrecht – )             (Chinese name   AiWei  ‘Love to smile’)

1234567890 Matthew Lovelace Carter (20/7/1974Grimsby-) (Civil Engineer Ove Arup New York)

1234567890                         m.2/4/05 Hazyview South Africa Samantha Lee Pretorius (19/6/1976Zambia- )

123456789 d of William Albert (Alby)Pretorius & Pat Andersonof Mafikeng South Africa

12345678901 Joshua Lee Lovelace Carter (15/9/2008HongKong-    )

12345678901 Jacob Lee Lovelace Carter (22/9/2010HongKong-    )

 123456789 Elizabeth Dorothy Lovelace Carter (24/8/1949_) (Property London)



12345678 Marjorie Elizabeth Mathison (11/9/1916Trinidad- 1/12/2007NL)

12345678  m Henk van den Berg  (2/2/1915 NL – 6/8/1990 NL)


123456789 Marijke van den Berg (17/5/1949Point Fortin Trinidad – )

123456789 m Jaap Sonnevijlle (9/3/1953NL-  )

1234567890 Kristien Sonnevijlle (22/5/1982NL –  )

1234567890 + Matt Jackson  (13/9/1979US-)

12345678901 Ayla Jackson (25/10/2017NL-)

1234567890 Michiel Sonnevijlle (6/9/1984NL-  )

1234567890  m2012 Ronia Hitipeuw (19/3/1985NL of Indonesan/Dutch family)

12345678901 Benjamo Sonnevijlle (17/2/2013NL – )

12345678901 Zaro Sonnevijlle (21/1/2015NL – )

12345678901 Nona Rosa Sonnevijlle (22/1/2018NL- )

1234567890 Elselien Sonnevijlle (22/4/1986NL-  )

1234567890  w Jorn Overeem (28/5/1982NL-)

12345678901 Pelle Overeem (6/9/2015NL -)

12345678901  Loek Overeeem (15/4/2018NL-)


123456789 Hans van den Berg (4/9/1950Trinidad-)



12345678 Patricia Joan Mathison (1919-2013  )

12345678 m Basil de Verteiul (   -2004)

1234567 s of Robert de Verteuil (1883-)and Caroline Sellier


123456789 Michael de Verteuil (1948-  ) (Catholic Priest in Trinidad)


123456789 Richard de Verteuil (1949-  )

123456789 m Judy

1234567890 Christopher de Verteuil (1984-  ) m 2015

1234567890 Cherise de Verteuil (1986-  )

1234567890 Melissa  de Verteuil (1988-  )


123456789 Suzette de Verteuil (1954-  )

123456789 m Stephen Cadiz  politician Trinidad Peoples Partnership

1234567890 Robert Cadiz (1980-  )

1234567890 Anna Cadiz (1982-  )

1234567890 m Christian

12345678901 Eve (2014 – )

1234567890 Paul Cadiz (1985-  )

1234567890 m Justine

12345678901 Jase (2013 – )

12345678901 Charlotte (22/1/2015 – )



MajorKenneth Mathison 1862 

Kenneth Mathison was born in Aird, Isle of Skye, in April 1790. He was the 3rd son of Kenneth Mathison, born 1750, and his wife, Catherine, nee Mackenzie. He joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman and in 1806 was sent out to the West Indian Station ,where he left the navy and  married a Spanish Trinidadian Isobel Berries in 1809.

The following extract from a Foreign Office List, published in London in 1867, gives details of his career from then until his death in 1866. “Major Kenneth Mathison joined the Fleet on the West Indian Station under Sir Alexander Cochrane, the Earl of Dundonald, June 2, 1806, and continued on the station in active service until February 1810; was appointed a Lieutenant in the Loyal Trinidad Battalion of Militia, August 16, 1811; Captain in the North Naparima Cavalry and Infantry of Trinidad, April 15 1815; Major Commandant of Sea Fencibles, March 12, 1816, which regiment he commanded until June 1831 when it was disbanded and he retired with his rank.

During the years 1818 and 1819 he was employed by the Governor of Trinidad on the Spanish coast with the Brig of War, Fly, the Sloops of War, Brazin and Esk, and with the frigate Tribune. He was Superintendent of the disbanded African Soldiers settled in Trinidad in 1839 and 1840.

Kenneth and Isobel had ten children most of whom moved with their parents to Angostura in Venezuela, in 1841 where he had business interests and he was appointed Unpaid Vice-Consul, which post he held until 1845. He was Vice-Consul at Bolivar, in Venezuela from 1847 to 1866. In 1854 his wife died and Kenneth married Aqueda Cierto in 1862 and had three further children before he died in 1866.




Doctor Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, Angostura Bitters and Kenneth Mathison

The Mathison and Siegert families were related, possibly through Major Kenneth and Dr. Johann’s wives. This may have been why the Mathisons moved to Angostura and treated the Siegerts as family when members of both families were in Trinidad. This family connection is presumably why when Major Kenneth took on the upbringing of his grandson, Alexander Faustino Mathison (1837-1914) after both his parents died, he sent the 12 year old boy to a Lutheran College in Germany, where he stayed until for six years.


Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert was born in 1796 at GroB-Walditz in Silesia, Germany. He studied medicine at the University of Berlin, then the capital of Prussia. The young doctor joined the 2nd Regiment of the Prussian army, one among the allies who fought against the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. He saw active service as army surgeon under the command of General von Blücher. and at 19 tended to the wounded at the 1815 Battle of Waterloo.

After the Napoleonic wars, in 1820 Siegert  made his way to Venezuela, along with some fellow Prussians and thousands of British veterans of the Napoleonic wars who had gone to the aid of Simon Bolívar. He sailed 240 miles up the Orinoco to where the river narrowed at the port of Angostura (the name means “straits”‘ in Spanish).

This was the headquarters of Bolívar’s revolutionary government and his campaign to free the Spanish colonies of northern South America. Bolivar appointed him Surgeon General to his army. By June 1821 Venezuela had wrested its independence from Spain, and the Liberator moved his campaign westwards, to Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, where he died in 1830.

Dr Siegert remained behind in Angostura (which was renamed Ciudad Bolívar in 1846) He married Bonifacia Gómez de Sa and had five children. After the death of his wife he married María Pastora del Pilar Araujo y Flores and had a further child. He pursued his growing interest in botany and chemistry.  His test tubes, beakers and other equipment have survived, as has his secret recipe for the world-famous Angostura Bitters that he first developed as a tonic and began to sell in 1824. In 1830 Dr. Siegert established a distillery and exported  the bitters  to England, via Trinidad. Dr. Siegert died in 1870

War continued to play a part in the history of the Siegert family, for it was a dozen years of renewed civil unrest in Venezuela that caused his sons Carlos, Luis and Alfredo to move in 1875 with the factory from Ciudad Bolivar to Port of Spain, Trinidad, where it remains. Carlos Siegert died in 1903 leaving Alfredo Siegert and his youngest brother, Luis, in possession of the formula and the firm. By 1904, Alfredo Siegert was appointed purveyor of Angostura aromatic bitters to the king of Prussia and in 1907 to King Alfonso XIII of Spain. In 1909, the partnership of J.G.B Siegert & Sons was converted into a public limited liability company registered in England. In 1912 the company was appointed purveyors of Angostura aromatic bitters to his majesty King George V.



Antonio de Berrio

Don Antonio de Berrio 1st Spanish governor Trinidad 1592  born in Spain in 1520. He became a soldier and took part in many of Spain’s great battles. He fought at Siena, against the Barbary pirates, in Germany, in the Netherlands under the Duke of Alba, and in Granada against the Muslims. Two of his brothers died in battle beside him, and a third brother was killed at the naval Battle of Lepanto..

When Don Antonio was 53 or 54 year old, he got married. His wife was much younger than he, and was the niece of a famous Conquistador, Gonzalo Jiminez de Quesada, who captured the treasure of the Chibchas, and founded the Spanish kingdom of New Granada, in the part of South America which is now roughly Columbia. When Quesada died his estates in New Granada passed to his niece, and through her to Don Antonio. It was to claim this inheritance that Don Antonio, at the age of 60, went out to South America, taking his wife and three young children with him. When he got to New Granada he found that a clause in Quesada’s will required him to continue “most insistently” the search for El Dorada. De Berrio did so, and five years later he wrote, “It was, I judged, no time to rest”. He still found time, however, to father seven or eight children after that. Berrio was as energetic in the bush as between the sheets.

With hundreds of soldiers, porters, horses and livestock, de Berrio made three arduous journeys up the Orinoco, but succeeded only in killing most his men. Then he settled as Governor in St Joseph, Trinidad, which his lieutenant Domingo de Vera had founded, to plan another expedition. Sir Walter Raleigh, pursuing the same pot of gold, sacked St. Joseph and captured Berrio and his 75-year-old deputy, Alvaro Jorge. Eventually Raleigh released the two old men at Cumana, Venezuela, but they were forced to flee from the Governor there, an old enemy.  While he was hiding up the Orinoco, Berrio was made famous by Raleigh’s writings; and his lieutenant, Vera, recruited a massive force from Spain for another assault on El Dorado: 28 ships and 1,500 people. By the time they arrived, however, Berrio was too broken for any expedition. Instead it was captained by the older, blinder and weaker Jorge. Beset by bad luck and futility, the expedition was a tragic failure. Hundreds starved in Trinidad. Those sent up the Orinoco either killed one another or were killed by Indians. When they met Berrio he wanted nothing to do with them. Having wasted the last years of his life, and thrown away the fortune he’d inherited, the dowries for his daughters, Berrio mused, “If we try to do too much you will end by doing nothing at all.

Ponce de Leon

Don Juan Ponce De Leon was born at San Servas in the province of Campos, 1460; d. in Cuba, 1521.He was descended from an ancient and noble family; the surname of León was acquired through the marriage of one of the Ponces to Doña Aldonza de León, a daughter of Alfonso IX. As a lad Ponce de León served as page to Pedro Nuñuz de Guzmán, later the tutor of the brother of Charles V, the Infante Don Fernando. In 1493, Ponce sailed to Hispaniola (San Domingo) with Columbus on his second voyage, an expedition which included many aristocratic young men, and adventurous noblemen who had been left without occupation after the fall of Granada. When Nicolás Ovando came to Hispaniola in 1502 as governor, he found the natives in a state of revolt, and in the war which followed Ponce rendered such valuable services that he was appointed Ovando’s lieutenant with headquarters in a town in the eastern part of the island. While here, he heard from the Indians that there was much wealth in the neighbouring Island of Buriquien (Porto Rico), and he asked and obtained permission to visit it in 1508, where he discovered many rich treasures; for his work in this expedition he was appointed Adelantado or Governor of Boriquien. Having reduced the natives, he was soon afterward removed from office, but not until he had amassed a considerable fortune. At this time stories of Eastern Asia were prevalent which told of a famous spring the waters of which had the marvellous virtue of restoring to youth and vigour those who drank them. Probably the Spaniards heard from the Indians tales that reminded them of this Fons Juventutis, and they got the idea that this fountain was situated on an island called Bimini which lay to the north of Hispaniola. Ponce obtained from Charles V, 23 February, 1512, a patent authorizing him to discover and people the Island of Bimini, giving him jurisdiction over the island for life, and bestowing upon him the title of Adelantado. On 3 March, 1513, Ponce set out from San German (Porto Rico) with three ships, fitted out at his own expense. Setting his course in a northwesterly direction, eleven days later he reached Guanahani, where Columbus first saw land. Continuing his way, on Easter Sunday (Pascua de Flores), 27 March, he came within sight of the coast which he named Florida in honour of the day and on account of the luxuriant  vegetation. On 2 April he landed at a spot a little to the north of the present site of St. Augustine and formally took possession in the name of the Crown. He now turned back, following the coast to its southern extremity and up the west coast to latitude 27°30′, and then returned to Porto Rico. During this trip he had several encounters with the natives, who showed great courage and determination in their attacks, which probably accounts for the fact that Ponce did not attempt to found a settlement or penetrate into the interior in search of the treasure which was believed to be hidden there. Although his first voyage had been without result as far as the acquisition of gold and slaves, and the discovery of the “fountain of youth” were concerned, Ponce determined to secure possession of his new discovery. Through his friend, Pedro Nuñez de Guzmán, he secured a second grant dated 27 September, 1514, which gave him power to settle the Island of Bimini and the Island of Florida, for such he thought Florida to be. In1521 he set out with two ships and landing upon the Florida coast, just where, it is not known, he was furiously attacked by the natives while he was building houses for his settlers. Finally driven to re-embark, he set sail for Cuba, where he died of the wound which he had received.