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Which one will you be using?

We're going to try them out when they arrive. I'm expecting to like the larger wheels of the Sobowo and the mid drive of the Eshion and JSL but it's difficult to say at this point which will win out. However the Sobowo definitely seems to be the best value for money.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! Once we have bikes in stock then we'd love to let people try them out.

Will I find it difficult to get parts?

All three bikes use Shimano gears and Bafang motors. The Sobowo has an unusual fat tyre size (26"x3") so we will also be importing spare tyres and inner tubes. We offer a one year guarantee on the electrical components and frame. For other parts or outside the guarantee period, please ask us for help if you have any difficulties with spares.

How do I know that these bikes are good quality?

They are all CE marked, and therefore conform to European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Bafang is an industry standard manufacturer of e-bike motors, and are very common especially amongst retrofits. For two of our bikes we are using a branded battery as standard but we wanted to import one sample with an unbranded battery so we can compare the performance.

How many children can I carry?

The rear racks are designed for two children either on the seat or in a toddler seat. It might be possible to carry a third child on the racks of some of the bikes or using a handlebar mounted seat, but this is something we will have to experiment with once we have the samples.

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