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If you would like to order our of our midtail e-bikes and/or join our mailing list, please complete the following form.


Please contact me about preordering the following bikes and accessories
Sobowo Hub-drive
      Branded battery (LG)included
      Protective skirtincluded
      Front basketincluded
      Caboose + short saddleA
      Deckhand + long saddleB
     Saddle bags£65
     Baby seat convertor£25
JSL Mid-drive
      Front basketincluded
     Branded battery (e.g. Samsung)£100
     Saddle bags£50
     Saddle for rear rack£25
Eshion Mid-drive
      Branded battery (Samsung)included
      Protective skirtincluded
     Saddle bags£130
     Toddler seat£75
     Front basket£40
     Saddle for rear rack£25

Comments and questions.
Please add me to your mailing list. 

N.B. You details will be stored securely and will not be shared with third parties except as necessary for the purchase or delivery of your e-bike.

Our bikes come with a one year warranty on the frames and electrical components provided that the bike has not been improperly used or modified. Please contact us if you have any problems.

If you purchase from us remotely you have the right to request a refund (less any deposit paid) so long as you tell us within 14 days of delivery and return the goods in undamaged condition within the following 14 days.

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