Wakefield and Megan Skiing


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Hello, I’m Megan and together with my husband Wakefield, we’re on a mission to not only get ourselves a bike, but to also make midtail e-bikes affordable to other families across the UK.

As well as two teenagers, we have a five year old and a three year old, and we also like to share lifts with friends to school, so we really needed a solution that would allow us to carry 2-3 small children, or a teenager after a night out. After trying out quite a few cargo bikes, I realised that the ‘bucket bikes’ weren’t for me, as they didn’t offer the speed I wanted for a long school run, or the flexibility to slip through traffic calming on our usual cycleways. Wakefield also wanted something that would be okay to cycle without kids on (for dropping off on the way to work) and definitely wanted the e-assist for speed and longer distances. A longtail or midtail e-bike seemed like the ideal solution.

Since Wakefield is experienced with dealing with Chinese suppliers for his comic replicas business, we decided to look into getting a bike direct from the manufacturer, as we were unable to get our hands on a second-hand one in the UK and felt the new price was out of our budget. And as I run an innovation and entrepreneurship training business with a focus on sustainability, it was a short step from there to realise that we should set up a venture to try and help other families also get their hands on a bike and reduce car-miles.

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