Sobowo C19 with long saddle


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Are you interested in transporting children (and shopping) by bike? Do you wish you didn’t have to take the car for local journeys into town, or to pick up from school? Are your children getting too heavy for your baby seat? Are you concerned about the visibility of bike trailers?

We found ourselves in exactly this situation, and after talking to lots of friends and on social media, realised that a midtail e-bike would be a great solution. Unfortunately, in the UK they’re expensive (we’ve seen £4000-6000 new for the models available). More reasonably priced models such as the RadWagon 4 are out of stock new and hard to come by secondhand.

We’ve sourced two models of midtail e-bikes, one a hub-drive version similar to the RadWagon, the other using a mid-drive motor, a style found on the more upmarket bikes. Each of the bikes comes with the extras you need to carry both cargo and kids, conforms to UK EPAC rules and is CE marked.

The Sobowo rear-drive is in stock at £2030.
The JSL mid-drive is £2500.
The Eshion mid-drive is £3100.

These prices include standard extras and assembly for collection from Kennington, Oxford.

These bikes can use cycleways and navigate through narrow gaps like normal bike, and are easy to ride solo as well as loaded up. They’re e-assist for hills when you’re heavily laden, with a comfortable padded seat and safety rails for children on the back. Midtails are also great for avoiding traffic queues (something we really appreciate on the school run!), and they make it easy to access areas where parking is difficult.

To arrange for a test ride or ask for more information, please visit our contact page.

Many families seem to use these bikes to replace a car, and as we’re a committed one-car, many-bike family and want to do our bit for the environment, we’re delighted to be able to give more people the opportunity to have one. Check out more information on the bikes and extras here.

Sobowo C19-2 JSL Mid-Motor

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